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Lakshmi Nayar

Lakshmi Nayar’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by swathi

    Best in the Town!

    Lakshmi helped me get my green card in a very speedy manner! We came across her website online and took a chance with the lawyer over the internet. She answered all questions to my satisfaction and completed all my paperwork in a professional, well-organized manner. She is very personable and excellent at her job. Many, many thanks to her for bringing me and my husband together!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by MOBIN

    Highest Quality Service

    I am writing this letter with immense joy and heartfelt gratitude toward Ms. Lakshmi Nayar and her firm. In 2011, I first came to the United States on a five-day visit visa. Four years later, I found myself holding a PR card and calling America, “home.” I thought back to the numerous times I had woken up from nightmares involving deportation proceedings.

    I initially came to the United States accompanying a critically-ill patient (my aunt) with her husband. Although I was their nephew, my uncle and aunt considered me to be their own precious son they never had. The feeling was very mutual as I considered them to be my parents, too. My visit visa entailed staying in the United States for five days and then returning to India. The tragic incident that happened to my aunt broke my uncle emotionally and financially. After staying in India for one year, my aunt’s medical expenses accumulated exponentially. When my uncle came to the United States with me and his wife, we were financially nowhere near hiring an attorney for my case.

    Ms. Nayar heard our story and showed compassion toward our misfortunate state. She courageously took over my case even though many lawyers had disappointed us. When I discussed my case in further detail with Lakshmi Nayar, she was open and honest about the possibilities I had to face when my case progressed which included the potential options, risk, and deportation proceedings.

    The time my deferral action was rejected, me and my uncle felt hopeless and felt that all doors had closed around us. However, Ms. Nayar gave us the courage and confidence to keep hoping. She always had options to move forward. She even showed courage to bring my case to the mainstream media such as CNN and Dallas Morning News.

    Ms. Nayar was always up-to-date on my case, focused, and displayed unrelenting initiative toward my case. Even before my visa visit expired, she personally contacted us to start the renewal process and gather information from us. I visited her office many times and the way her firm handled the case made me feel that I have a family personally fighting for my case.

    She worked very hard to prepare my necessary documents and acted promptly on every issue that came up. I remember there were times she worked for me on her weekends and holidays. Her dedication towards the case, her hardwork, and her exceptional professionalism handling emotional and sensitive information gave me confidence and courage, and most importantly, hope. I firmly believe my case wouldn’t have been as successful without Ms. Nayar’s representation.

    The day of my immigration interview with my wife was very nerve-wracking. I could not forget how confident Ms. Nayar was. Her quick and timely response, charisma, and character turned our interview toward a positive direction. My words are not enough to thank Ms. Lakshmi Nayar and her firm for their excellence and hard work towards my case. I greatly appreciate her compassion and willingness to step in courageously. I thank God for sending His help through Ms. Nayar, and may God bless Ms. Nayar and her firm for making this case successful. I would highly recommend Ms. Nayar and her firm to anyone for a successful case. Thank you.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Erin

    Amazing! Run, Don't Walk... To Lakshmi Nayar

    I cannot say enough good about the miracles that this firm makes happen. Lakshmi kept my family together. The fees are cheaper than reasonable, and she holds your hand every step of the way, including interviews. She even traveled to help us (we compensated her travel expenses). She was always realistic about possibilities (good or bad), kind, and straightforward with us. Her team is always available and compassionate. Don't wait! Run, don't walk to this firm. :)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tarek

    Excellent lawyer - highly recommended for Immigration cases

    Lakshmi has restored my faith in lawyers. She has helped me with critical immigration case twice and succeeded both times. She is very dedicated to her clients and builds a solid relationship. She listens very carefully and provides as much time needed for consultation. I can't express how much I appreciate her efforts in getting my permanent resident card. I would've been lost without her legal advice. In today's era of information, one can easily believe that anything a lawyer can do, can be done individually - if you work with Lakshmi, you will realize how important it is to have a lawyer represent you who understands the law very well.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mannan


    I would like to begin thanking Almighty God first for guiding me and my wife to get in touch with Ms Lakshmi Nayar from Nayar &McIntyre firm. Ms Lakshmi came across as very knowledgeable and a very warm individual.

    She guided and assisted me with the entire process of my I-485[Permanent Residence] and within two months of my filing, I received my Interview call and by god's grace got an approval within the next 10 days of my Interview.
    I highly recommend Ms Lakshmi Nayar's services not because of my success story but because of her strengths. One of the most impressive qualities of her was that she is A VERY HONEST LAWYER.

    I wish you many more successes and keep up the good work for helping the community.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Farah

    My I-601 waiver

    I approached Lakshmi Nayar for my I-601 application that was not going to be an easy case, but she handled it in a very professional and efficient manner, giving me all the time I needed to ask questions and understand my options. She was accessible and forthcoming and unlike most of the attorneys, it was clear that money was not her focus. She was our guardian in one of our helpless times. She was very patient, explaining in clear layman's terms all the nuances and legalities of my case. In addition, her organizational skills and detail-orientedness were instrumental in making sure that no stone was left unturned.She guided us throughout the process and when my waiver was approved, she was kind enough to ask me once in a while if my visa was issued. I am so happy that I have made the right choice of hiring a lawyer with such qualities. I do recommend her so highly as an attorney and as a person and will certainly refer to her anyone looking for legal services.
    I was very lucky to have Lakshmi as my lawyer because it was so difficult to proof extreme hardship. Thanks to her, we were able to reunite and continue with our lives.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by James M.

    Green Card

    Lakshmi was the most friendly, helpful and hard working lawyer I have ever dealt with. From the moment we met Lakshmi we knew she was right for the job. Because of some extenuating circumstances my wife and I believed that legal representation was the way to go and with representation like Lakshmi you get every penny worth.
    My wife and I can't tell you how Lakshmi took the daunting challenge of the immigration process and literally made us feel like we were completely covered. She gave us the number one thing you can ask in a situation like that; stability, a good attitude, and a clear edge in her field.
    We met with four lawyers before meeting Lakshmi all of which were wanting to charge much more and were ALL recommending my wife move back to mexico and file there. Lakshmi however, charged a FAIR fee and in our opinion had real sympathy for our situation and truly worked hard for us.
    I can't praise Lakshmi enough and if you don't believe me just meet her and you'll see that as far as immigration lawyers go in the metroplex Lakshmi and McIntyre are truly a cut above the rest.

    Thank you very much,
    James Miner

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jimmy

    Affordable and Honest...

    She worked on my case in 2009... It was a deportation case on the last stage... Today, it is my pleasure to write something about her... I must write that she will work hard on your case and yes she takes her each and every case very seriously... The best thing about her that she is very honest and understaning...

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Amazingly quick and informed!

    I was extremely pleased with the service Lakshmi Nayar provided us. Initially we visited a large law firm that promised the best service and promised to be well educated. We were told to forget getting a green card that if we pursued it we would just find deportation (this attorney read from a book the whole time). WE were brokenhearted and gave up for a yr.
    A year later a friend recommended Lakshmi Nayar telling us to run the case by her. What was there to lose? We agreed and she personally gave us a consultation. We honestly went thinking we would here the same result. We were shocked when she told us there was high possibilities of a green card. She was very informed with the law. She told us all the process what could happen but reassured us she would be there with us the whole way. Her price was very reasonable. She told us to talk about it and let her know.
    We went home and realized it was now or never. NOTHING TO LOSE! She seemed to know what she was talking about and unlike the prior atty she wasnt reading from a book or anything. We went ahead and signed with her. She inmediatly got working on the case. There was a small bump in our case but she assured us that it was nothing to be afraid of she would help us. Approx four months after sending our residency app and work permit app (sent in sept) we received work permit (january). One month (February) after we received a interview date for a month later (March). We went to our interview this wk. She sat with us through the whole wait which took longer than expected. But she kept us calm explaining in detail what to expect. We were inmediatly approved.
    I cant say how thankful we are we found her. She personally would take care of any question or concern we had. She walked us through the whole process.
    No doubt she would do all she can do to help anyone with theyre case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by H

    I highly recommend Lakshmi

    I highly recommend Lakshmi to anyone seeking expert advise or representation for immigration matters. Laskshmi successfully represented me for my Green Card sponsorship application. I chose Lakshmi over other lawyers mainly because of her command on the subject matter, she personally handles your case, answers all your queries thru out the process to your satisfaction, gives sound advise. Lakshmi stood out on all counts, I recommend, anyone seeking representation to meet Lakshmi once before making a decision.