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Len Michael Conner

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  • Amazing results

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kristina

    Allow me to paint a picture. Rio Grande Valley, TX, 600 miles south of Dallas, TX a non-custodial parent with two infant children at home lies at the mercy of the courts. The young mother's first born son is living with his father 1650 miles away.
    Hello my name is Kristina Bowen. I am the young mother living in the valley. As if living so far away from son wasn't hard enough I received notice that I had a warrant for my arrest due to back child support. A hearing was scheduled for 9 days later. With no way to travel 600 miles to appear in court and not having the amount they were asking for I panicked. My babies at home could not be left without me. What was I to do? I began searching for a lawyer to represent me. I started by applying for legal aid. My case was denied due to limited funding. Then I began searching for a lawyer that would work pro bono. I searched the internet and made phone calls for days with no results. Friday afternoon came and just before close of the day I contacted Len Connor and Associates. At the time it was just one more name in the sea of attorneys I had searched. Expecting to leave a voicemail, I was pleasantly surprised when a bright voice answered the line. Flor Rodriguez, office manager, was working late and stated that she couldn't not answer the phone. After explaining my situation she scheduled an phone interview with Len Connor for the following Monday. I was to fill out a detailed information sheet in preparation for that interview. Over the weekend my phone ( the only internet access I had at the time) was dropped and broken. I could only receive calls. I lost all contact information I had saved including the phone number for the law firm. Monday came and went and I did not receive a phone call. With the court date only three days away I all but gave up. I was sure no one would take the case on such short notice. Tuesday morning my husband received an email from Len Connor with the information sheet to begin. It wasn't too late after all. Less than 48 hours remained before I was due in court. With little knowledge of my case Len Connor agreed to represent me. He and his team went to work for me immediately. They were able to reschedule the hearing to allow me a chance to make travel arrangements and gather funds. By the time the second hearing came around I was a nervous wreck. I got on a bus, kissed my husband and my babies goodbye for the first time, not knowing if I would have to go to jail or if I would be able to catch my flight home the next afternoon. I arrived in Dallas in the early morning hours and all I could do was wait. Mind you I still hadn't even met my lawyer face to face. When it was time to go before the judge Mr. Connor helped me to remain calm by letting me know just what to expect. Despite all the obstacles getting there he was able to have my warrant lifted and I was able to catch my flight back home to my little ones. The monetary part of the attorney/client relationship has been paid, but I will forever be indebted to Len Connor and Associates for the peace of mind they awarded to me and my family.

  • Consider Mr. Conner if you need an amazing attorney.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    I was very pleased with the services that Mr. Conner provided me with during the hardest time in my life. He and his staff were very kind, professional, understanding, and listened to my requests. I was very impressed with the timely manor that is was all completed and how smoothly it all went throughout the process. Thanks again and God Bless.

  • Beware of this law firm. They are very dishonest.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I hired Mr. Conner with his promise that he, himself would represent me. After a single phone conversation he turned me over to his paralegal, who was unable to navigate the legal system, nor was she able to correctly draft temporary orders or a divorce decree. The temporary orders drafted by his staff were rejected by the judge repeatedly because they did not follow the judge's orders. Mr. Conner was nowhere to be found when I needed him. He quoted me $3500, and after paying $7000, I still did not have a signed decree. His staff repeatedly lied to me on the phone. I am extremely disappointed with his firm's representation and would not recommend him to anyone.

  • Mr. Conner's Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Len is a great lawyer that keeps his clients needs top of mind. He has a team with him that is passionate about getting results and truly care for your case. I felt like Mr. Conner and his team truly understood my needs and was genuine in their approach with my case. I believe they really cared for my children and their well-being. Len Conner and his team are true professionals, and wonderful people.

  • Len Conner the Super Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dena

    Len Conner and his staff are the real deal. They tell you like it is. They have always been available when I needed them. Very knowledgeable. If there is something he is unfamiliar with he will research it. Even present the info in court to educate the judge if need be. He will not lead you in the wrong direction. He will guide you to do what is best for you and your pocket book, not his pocket book. I love love love his paralegal Lesa. When I tell people about them I tell them it is like she is like the pitbull and he is the brains of the operation. They make sn amazing team in my opinion. I really cannot say enough good about LenConner and Lesa.