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Wendy Renee Whitt

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  • Refugee Travel Document FAQs

    If you are a refugee or asylee and want to travel outside the United States, you need a Refugee Travel Document. In most cases, you may use the Refugee Travel Document for travel in place of a passport. Below are several frequently asked questions about Refugee Travel Documents.

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  • Can I Renew My Green Card?

    A valid green card is necessary to ensure your ability to live, work and travel in the U.S. You should renew your green card if it is either expired or will expire in the next six months. You should be aware that the Department of Homeland Security uses the renewal process as an ...

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  • How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Immigration?

    Because Congress was unable to resolve the budgetary deadlock, the U.S. federal government has been shutdown. Certain agencies will cease operations, and immigration cases may be delayed. We will be contacting each of our clients directly over the next few days to let you know ho...

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  • How Do I Get a Reentry Permit?

    Difficulty finding work in the U.S. and the long waiting periods to reunite families causes many green card holders to leave the U.S. A reentry permit allows you to apply for admission to the United States after traveling abroad for up to 2 years without having to obtain a return...

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  • I’m a gay U.S. citizen, can I request a fiance visa for my boyfriend?

    Congratulations on your engagement! Under the recentSupreme Court ruling on DOMA, you can now petition for a fiance visa, orK-1 visa, allowing for your boyfriend to enter the U.S. in order to marry you. If your boyfriend is not already present in the U.S., the fianc visa is the ...

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