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Randall B. Warmbrodt

Randall Warmbrodt’s client reviews

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  • Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    I hired Mr. Warmbordt and his firm to help me with my divorce. While I was nervous at first because of the reviews I have read, Mr. Warmbrodt calmed my nerves with his expertise and commitment to my case. Him and his staff are very professional and remained in constant communication with me about my case.

    My divorce was a very long and difficult battle, not because of Mr. Warmbrodt, but because of my ex-spouse. This caused the costs to become almost unreasonable, however, once I expressed my concern about the costs, Mr. Warmbrodt reassured me that since my ex-spouse had unreasonable demands and was refusing to settle, that was why the costs were what they were. He mentioned that we could try to get attorney's fees paid for and lived up to that promise when my ex-spouse had to pay about $5k of my attorneys fees, which helped me out a lot.

    I highly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm to help you with any family law matter that you may be going through.

  • Exceptional Experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    Hired attorney

    I am in the early stages of my divorce. As to be expected, I was nervous walking into an attorney's office to discuss such a sensitive subject. I was immediately put at ease when meeting Mr. Warmbrodt. He was very calm and understanding of my concerns, listened and responded with great advice. He offered several scenarios to put my mind at ease. His office has been very prompt with the processing of my divorce and everyone is great at communicating. Mr. Warmbrodt truly understands the magnitude of stress divorce can cause a person and ensures you are taken care of.

  • Spousal Support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    This Firm is excellent! They have been warm, caring, and kept me involved in the entire process. My spouse abandoned me & my children after I couldn't work anymore due to being disabled. I had no support, and I couldn't even get in touch with my spouse. Even though we had been married for less than 10 years, during my hearing I was awarded enough support to get through until our divorce is final & all my attorney fees paid for. Mr. Warmbradt is an excellent, excellent, excellent attorney. Their firm is slightly on the high side, but worth every penny. You honestly get the service you pay for!

  • $50 billion-dollar industry

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I do not recommend the services of Mr. Randall Warmbrodt if you truly have your children’s best interest at heart. Let’s face it, Divorce and Child-Custody matters are serious and life impacting for all parties involved in the dispute. An attorney’s role should be to help his/her client understand their legal rights and help them assert what is necessary given their individual situations. This should be performed in a manner that retains the children’s well-being, health, safety and most importantly their family/relationship with their parents in-tact.

    In extreme situations where the children are exposed to danger or irrevocable emotional damage then absolutely one would expect the mission of the Law be to isolate those children away from the harming parent(s). Unfortunately, this industry has too many clients, a revolving door and a lucrative paycheck. Lawyers like Mr. Warmbrodt don’t have to spend hours listening to and understanding their clients life story or foreseeing what impact his and the Legal systems decisions will have on his clients family.

    In my experience, Mr. Warmbrodt prefers a full-blown trial. He exhausted three different means of Discovery when he already had what he needed after his initial request but he knew he could add in some more billable hours and services by stacking on the various attempts via subpoenaed records, serving the other party, etc. He filed motions with the court and prepared countless documents without consent of his client and for no need given the agreement between the defendant and his client.

    He passed through much of his work to his paralegal and avoided having conversations directly which resulted in further inefficiencies and billable hours. During mediation he proposed ridiculous solutions and again with little regard to the long-term effect on the children. He was stubborn in mediation and continued to push for trial. Upon settling however, he prepared a 40 page final order that contained provisions and matters never discussed in mediation nor included in the original decree. He included erroneous figures yet he had been presented with correct amounts and proof of those amounts by his client. Why? Because it’s simply another way to add billable hours in document preparation, revisions, exchanges with O.C., etc.

    To be a family law attorney in today’s world must be a pretty sweet gig. The reason this is the case, is because family law has become an unutterably disgraceful cottage industry of legalized corruption, pandemic greed, and willful ignorance. There are some very hardworking, educated and grounded individuals working in this industry yet there are those, like Mr. Warmbrodt who fit into a the population of family law attorneys that simply profit so greatly from the destruction of the parent/child relationship and of the family.

    These are my opinions of Mr. Warmbrodt and his practice given my direct experience with them on my case. I recommend you shop for your family law attorney wisely and do your research.

  • The best choice for Non-Parent Custody

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sally

    I am very confident in knowing I made the best decison for my non-parent custody suit by hiring Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm. I called in and he called me back to do a consultation that day. In the midst of difficult decisions he was instrumental in many ways that helped my case by:
    1. Being accurate and speedy when dealing with all issues.
    2. Assisting me on understand policy and procedures when dealing with CPS.
    3. helping educate me how to protect the children involved when complicated family matters arose.
    4. Caring about the needs of the children and what he could do to keep them in a safe and healthy environment.

    Randall Warmbrodt and his entire staff were organized, timely, and very knowledgeable and professional every step of the way. If I had any choice available in regards to custody issues, I would highly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm.

  • A Knowledgeable and Patient Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa

    I interviewed 3 other attorney’s before retaining Randall Warmbrodt, about 6 months ago. I chose Randall Warmbrodt because I felt like he and his staff were very professional and on point.
    Going through a divorce after 9 years of marriage is a very stressful time and it was new territory for me. Mr. Warmbrodt and Ms. Chandler Winslow truly had my children and my best interest at heart. It was a lengthy battle and I was often feeling very defeated by the actions of my ex to the point where I just wanted to give in, just to be done with it. They were very patient as well as candid with me and took the time to explain what some of my “hasty decisions” could mean for my children and me in the future.
    I would highly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt if you are dealing with an irrational ex and child custody issues because he is extremely knowledgeable, organized and will take the time to make sure you are kept informed about your case.

  • Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Out of panic and fear that our case would be dismissed, I contacted the court coordinator to request a trial date and explain our situation. However, I was not aware that my communication did not follow the rules regarding ex parte, and as a result, my email was forwarded to Warmbrodt and OC. This caused Randy to go over the edge, and he immediately drew up withdrawal paperwork claiming that I did something illegal by contacting the court. The fact is that it would have NEVER occurred to me to even think about contacting the court had Randy not pushed us around so badly that we truly thought our case was going to be dismissed.
    Randy missed a filing deadline leading up to our first court appearance, and it was only by the grace of God that the Judge made a spontaneous ruling granting us temporary custody of one of the children involved in the case. All the preparation work we did was for nothing, but we were billed just the same.
    Similarly to what other dissatisfied, former clients have reported, we too: received threats of withdrawal when they wanted payment and we were up against a court deadline, had important questions and requests ignored when a payment was due, had filings done the very last minute while also being threatened that they would withdraw if we questioned the firm, had multiple people handling our case and who racked up hours of billing for internal meetings, and the list goes on.
    I wish we had researched more before picking this firm. We would NEVER recommend them to anyone. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FIRM! We are also planning to report them to the Bar as I believe this firm's practices are unethical as they threaten, extort and prey on people during their most vulnerable time of need.

  • Randall B. Warmbrodt the Best Choice for Divorce & Child Custody

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    The best decision I made during my divorce was to hire Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm for a divorce and child custody battle. I called in and he called me back to do a consultation that day. In the midst of difficult decisions he was instrumental in many ways that helped my case by:

    1. working through the dissolution of a marriage of 12+ years and
    2. helping guide me the best way possible to limit the collateral damage for my children and income.
    3. helping educate me how to protect my children regarding issues of alienation
    4. protecting my future when dealing with a high conflict divorce
    5. position me with measures to reduce legal abuse
    6. equip me with information to help my children and myself to keep my family healthy and strengthen our family bond during and after divorce.

    Randall Warmbrodt and his entire staff were organized, timely, and very knowledgeable and professional every step of the way. If I had any choice available in regards to divorce or especially child custody; I would highly recommend Mr. Warmbrodt and his firm.

  • Help when needed most

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Child custody is an emotional drain. Randy and his staff were there for me every step of the way to assist my family. If you want someone that knows the law and knows the Collin County courts...hire this firm.

  • Stay Away! Excessive Fees & Unethical Behavior

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    Do yourself a favor and do not hire Randy Warmbrodt. I retained Mr Warmbrodt for a family law case. What I quickly found out is that he is all about racking up your bill. I never questioned what activities he billed for, but I did question how much time he billed me for. When I did that, he called me, berated me and called me an M-F'er. To show you how paranoid he is about his practice, he apparently records all phone calls into his office and I'm pretty sure I paid to have those messages transcribed.

    I had a total of 6 paralegals work on my case and 3 other individuals in his office in less than 6 months. I constantly had to deal with a different person who knew nothing about my case. When I complained about it, he said "the work goes to the first person who receives it". Not a good way to run a practice or provide service to your client in my opinion. I asked him why he has such turnover in his office. He said that he doesn't tolerate mistakes and when somebody makes one, he fires them. Clearly, he holds his staff to a level of perfection that he can't meet himself.

    Ultimately, his legal guidance ended up putting me in a bad situation and we parted ways. Not, however, until he had charged me thousands of dollars in fees.

    The smart decision is to STAY AWAY from Randy Warmbrodt!