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Robert David Humphreys

About Robert Humphreys

About me

I am a husband of 24 years to my wife Tanya and am the father of three great young adults. This is the best part of my life.


In 1994, I attended the first ever Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. It changed my world and opened me up to really see the pain inflicted on working families by the financial elites in this country. It caused me to dedicate and focus my professional career upon "representing the forgotten," ordinary working families. It has been my passion, and honor, to have represented so many good, honest and decent families who have been vicitmized by systematic fraudulent, deceptive or abusive business practices of lenders, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies.


In my quarter century of work as a lawyer, I am most grateful to have been given the opportunity to truly listen to my clients and then work to expose systemic wrongdoing and bring awareness and hopefully change. I am also grateful to have been given the opportunity to have worked on many cases drawing national attention about harmful business practices.  I am also very proud to have presented testimony to state legistlative bodies and to brief state agencies about predatory harmful loan flipping practices. This has resulted in bad publicity to predatory lenders helped cause them to be denied their legislative agendas.  I am also grateful for the many close friendships I have  developed with other attorneys across the country with whom I have shared reprentation of their clients in trial by jury.