I have worked with Robert Denton on a variety of complex legal issues. I have seen him successfully litigate difficult cases before judges and juries. He is a fearless and tireless advocate. Robert Denton shows up prepared for court hearings and with a game plan that is designed to maximize his chance of success. Mr. Denton can be counted on to marshal all facts and evidence in a manner that assures his client the best possible chance for a successful outcome.

Robert Denton is innovative. He is a master of computer technology. This provides him a command of digital evidence and an ability to quickly research substantive legal issues in a cost-efficient manner.

Robert is a scholar of the law. He enjoys legal research and finding the right answer for his clients. He is organized and creative in his approach to finding solutions for his clients.

Robert cares about serving the needs of clients. He will provide sound legal advice that is adeptly designed to walk clients through some of the most difficult periods of their personal and professional lives. When the chips are down, you want to know that you have a lawyer who cares about you and your future. Robert Denton is just that kind of attorney.