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Mark Kendall Bailey

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    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Absolutely terrible and frightening experience this lawyer made things way more difficult for me and my case.

    Overpaid and underworked. Seemed the only time I would actually get communication from was when it concerned more money. All he cares about is getting more money. Did absolutely nothing to build a case and weaken the prosecution's arguments. Seems as if I did more of the actual legwork and fact digging to make things easier for him to argue but still had little to no success in any of the strategies. In fact, I recall him thinking that my best strategy would be to just enter a blind plea and hope for the best! I was always talking with an associate or an assistant when dealing with this office. As a matter of fact, he only made 3 out of 7 court appearances, including missing my scheduled preliminary hearing with my felony drug case. That's less than %50 dependency! He thought that it was ok to notify me only 2 days prior to my scheduled preliminary hearing, through his secretary, of his inability to be there demanding that I make other arrangements like rescheduling my flight and other travel arrangements or be forced to settle for an associate counsel to appear for him. Traveling from out of state, that was just unexceptable and unfortunately I was forced into settling for the compromised representation from his associate counsel whom I had never even met before. Its hard to imagine she would be up to speed/par with the details of my case to be able to successfully represent my best interests during the preliminary hearing proceedings. So, I was forced to settle with the idea that person now arguing my case, with my life in their hands, most likely never even glanced at my case file until the day of preliminary hearing. I would call his office, he was NEVER THERE or NEVER AVAILABLE at the time, no matter when I would call. I would be assured that I would receive a return call shortly or at the very least that same day but days would pass and I would NEVER get a response! I would call back and the process would repeat. This happened with this office more than once. When I did get in contact with him it was generally because I would call his personal cell phone. And when we did communicate he always made me feel rushed, insignificant, and burdensome. He even hung up the phone on me, not once but twice! Every time leaving me with my questions and concerns unanswered. He would purposely avoid me, my co-defendant, and my co-defendant's counsel's multiple efforts to try to effectively communicate a defense strategy and be all on the "same page." He even had warrants for our arrest issued due to his negligence! Co-defendant's attorney was able to waive a pre-trial appearance for the both of us while he was arguing and insisting that we needed to be there. All he needed to do was communicate with us but between all three of us, NOONE was able to get in touch with him despite our many efforts. He didn't like the idea so he just dodged everyone, went into judge chamber's bright and early and claimed he didn't know where anybody was, why we weren't there, and allowed warrants to be issued for our arrest! All this even after we told his office (because we could never get a hold of him) that the judge had previously waived our required presence. They still insisted that we needed to be there. That's a big deal and a huge mistake to someone who is traveling over 1000 miles every time there is a court date. No compassion to the expenses incurred on our behalf. This man was paid in full to represent me and to have my best interests in mind, yet I found myself more stressed out having to deal with a flakey lawyer who clearly did not have my back or my best interest in mind! I was left with unrest, uneasy feelings throughout every litigation. I was unable to rest assured knowing that this man was going to go to bat for me and my loved ones when he had already proven time and time again that he won't!