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Noble K McIntyre

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  • How can I get relief from an accident that happen on the expressway from a piece of heavy duty pipe from OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS?

    Hit back driverside tire causing a blowout. No witness at the time of occurrence. Suffered gash to the head requiring 8 staples, & car expenses $5000, or more? I have the pipe, photos, PR, & video of the scene. Other than that, about it.

    Noble’s Answer

    If you have UM coverage on your own vehicle you can make a claim.

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  • Do i need a malpractice attorney? ?

    A few years ago I had a bladder sling procedure done. Started to have problems pain in my abdomen and lower back problems and bladder problems. Well went back to the doctor that did the procedure and he said everything was fine he didn't see any ...

    Noble’s Answer

    Your best bet is likely to skip the medmal component and focus on the mesh manufacturer. Transvaginal mesh litigation has been ongoing for a number of years now and two of the manufacturers recently settled. I have several hundred mesh clients and know very well how their lives have been impacted. I'm happy to answer any questiins you may have.

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