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Lawrence Goodwin

Lawrence Goodwin’s client reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Lawrence and his staff were the consummate professionals throughout my divorce process. The proceedings included 3 mediations and numerous court appearances including trial. Through it all they kept me informed every step of the way. My case was continued by the court 3 times in an 18 month period, but each time, Lawrence worked closely with the judge's office to ensure that I was moved to the top of the next available docket, even going the extra mile to get my trial date scheduled for an unorthodox Friday afternoon when the judge normally did not see cases. Had this not been the case, it would have been another several months. When it came to preparation, they were fantastic. I never felt nervous about what I was to face in the courtroom. Additionally, the difference between our preparedness for trial and that of opposing counsel was huge! All exhibits on my side were organized into easy-to-reference tabulated binders for judge, attorneys and myself, while my spouses attorney handed out random exhibits loosely, failing to have enough copies and some even mislabeled. In the end, the judgement favored me by a wide margin, even beyond my own expectation. I would recommend Lawrence Goodwin and his team to any potential family law client.

  • Lawrence is The Best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Phil

    Lawrence is the best lawyer I have ever had. Others left me feeling like all they were interested in was receiving my check. But Lawrence took the time to listen to my needs and then acted with professionalism and dedication. Hope I never need a lawyer again .. but if I do I will be calling Lawrence.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandon

    Great guy to have representing you when an negative outcome can have such an drastic impact on your life and livelihood. Lawrence kept me informed through then entire process and the results speak for themselves.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jaime Lynn

    Last year, I found myself in Lawrence Goodwin’s office 24 hrs after my daughter and I had left home and the dangerous husband that went with it. The framed Scarface poster on the wall told me that I had come to the right place. I needed someone who would fight the battles that I was too tired to fight myself. I wanted a warrior, a shark, a pit-bull; someone to stand up and say, “She’s not afraid of your threats any longer! “ I got all that and more in Lawrence.

    He listened carefully to the entirety of my situation, picking it apart, and asking a lot of questions until he was confident he understood it all. He told me right away what he could and couldn’t do for me. He made a promise to always “give it to me straight” throughout the process, so as not to get my hopes up for results founded in unrealistic expectations. I hired him immediately and he told me exactly what to do, what not to do, and for anything else not previously mentioned - to check with him first. I had walked in there that day feeling confused, scared, and discouraged. After talking to Lawrence, I felt like I was a woman with a plan. I had confidence. I had hope. Lawrence immediately sprung into action when I left his office.

    My divorce lasted over 11 months and went all the way to a full day trial. It was litigated in 2 different counties. There have been NUMEROUS hearings, a protective order, contempt of court charges, and changing of attorneys multiple times (on the opposing side). Add to that, my ex-husband did every wicked thing you could possibly imagine to try to force me to back down to his demands. Lawrence has been with me through it all, since day one, and has been my voice of reason. When you’re going through a divorce, you’re an emotional wreck. You’re not in a good place to make quick, educated, major decisions that will affect the rest of your life and your children’s lives. Lawrence will tell you when to calm down, get over it, move on, or put your big girl panties on and get ready for the battle.

    Lawrence Goodwin is always right. He knows the law. He knows all of the judge’s personalities, styles, and how they will respond to everything. The first time we went to court, I saw all of this right before my eyes. I learned to trust him and now I have such a strong confidence in him that he has gone to court without me on several occasions, as he is fully capable of arguing on my behalf.

    Watching Lawrence in the courtroom is like watching Leonardo da Vinci paint, Mozart play the piano, or Michael Jordan slam dunk a basketball. He was born to be an attorney and is a master of his craft. Lawrence always shows up to court looking like a million bucks, in a designer suit. He has an entourage of interns and staff following closely behind. It’s very intimidating for the opposing party. No matter what the judge or the other side throws at him, he thinks FAST on his feet, shoots down whatever issue was at hand and moves on to his next point. He commands complete control of the courtroom and NOTHING causes him hesitation. If you think all lawyers are pretty much the same and will get you what you want, think again. I have sat in family court in absolute SHOCK, watching the timid, soft spoken, attorneys in other cases who were completely out of their comfort zones. You cannot do it alone or without Lawrence Goodwin on your side.

    My divorce was final a few months ago and I was awarded sole custody of my daughter. I also got 99% of everything else I wanted. It wasn’t easy (although Lawrence sure made it look that way in court) and it also wasn’t cheap. But, today I am debt free, since Lawrence made sure my ex got all of the marital debt, and I have my little girl. We are moving on to a great life and I am not afraid of whatever the future holds because I know that Lawrence Goodwin is always just a phone call away.