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  • In Oklahoma County what is the difference between supervised probation and unsupervised probation?

    I understand that there is no PO monitoring you, but what does this mean exactly?

    Sonja’s Answer

    only thing to add to Keegan and Kevin ' s answers is that even if given unsupervised probation, you would still be required to pay the DA'S office 40 per month for the term of probation but no more than 2 years. instead of "probation fees " is called a reimbursement fee

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  • Person picks up kid takes her to store for over two an a half hours before taking her home is this kidnapping

    my granddaughter was put on wrong bus an her aunt wasn't home after being dropped off after school, so she started walking toward her grandmas a block away, she was picked up by someone an kept till almost dark before this person drove her home,an...

    Sonja’s Answer

    you don't mention how old granddaughter is which can make a big difference in the facts.
    if you think the person did something wrong then go to the local police station and make a report. they will decide of more investigation is needed.
    now it might backfire on the aunt, but depending on the age and the relation of the person who pick her up, the actor keeping her may have been wrong. but if she is someone that the granddaughter knows and is someone who is no threat, then her act would be seen as lawful. If the person had phone numbers or another means of reaching out to family of the girl and refused to call them, then there may be something, but not kidnapping.

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  • Will my insurance be effected?

    My dui was reduced in court but dps is still making me do the modified liscens. Would this mean even though I'm not convicted of the dui it will still go against me on my driving record?

    Sonja’s Answer

    it will be on your driving record as revoked but modified to drive while revoked. that stays on your record for 3 years. if you are required to have the interlock after reinstated that will be as a restriction.

    you asked if this will affect your insurance. that is impossible for us to answer. that is up to your insurance company. my insurance agent tells me that generally the history on the license is only viewed when a person. is seeking to change companies or change policies which causes the driving record to be looked at. but even if they find out about it, each company responds a little differently.

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  • Can I get a 2nd DUI felony conviction expunged in OK that occurred >10yrs ago?

    I have a felony conviction for 2nd DUI (no accidents or injury involved in arrest) >10 yrs ago, no charges since that felony conviction. 18 years ago (age 19) I got two DUI's 6 mths apart and received a misdemeanor conviction with 2yr probation. T...

    Sonja’s Answer

    As already mentioned you must first get a pardon. there is no application fee and you don't have to hire an attorney for it. the application is online at the website for Pardon and Parole. however hiring an attorney can help to ensure the application is properly filled out. The two most important questions you will answer are : what have learned? and why do you want the pardon.
    if the pardon is granted then u will definitely need to hire an attorney to file the expungement as there are no forms for it and requires dealing with attorneys from government agencies. There is a filing fee around 150. OSBI fee of 150. then whatever the attorney fee is.
    just because you get a pardon and qualify for expungement there is no guarantee.

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    Sonja’s Answer

    Your question lacks necessary information to provide a proper response.
    was he sentenced pursuant to a plea agreement? blind plea? trial?
    Did he request the review within 12 months?
    Generally judicial reviews are completely discretionary. Judge can deny them without a hearing.

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  • How can I get kidnapping charges dropped on my boyfriend in state of Oklahoma. I can not afford a lawyer.

    He wouldn't let me answer the door for the police so that's what hes being charged with.

    Sonja’s Answer

    you keep asking about writing a letter. it's up to you. but just know this: if you try to tell the DA that your statements to the police were not true, you will put yourself at risk for being charged with a felony of making a false report to police.
    if you are the alleged victim then the DA office will be trying to get ahold of you to get your thoughts on possible plea offers. they will be interested in what you have to say but they are not bound by what you have to say.
    you can contact his PD but he cannot advise you since you are the alleged victim.

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  • A friend of mine was in a car wreck and the other man in the other car died. My friend was on parole at he time.

    A few moths before that he was arrested on a DUI but charges were drop. His PO new about that arrest. A year and a half later they came and arrest him for negligent homicide, but has not yet been charge with charge. He was bonded out on this charg...

    Sonja’s Answer

    He can be revoked for violating any law whether he's charged with the crime or not. the state only has to show the violation by a preponderance of the evidence.

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  • I am ready for a plea deal, now I have two new cases, can I pleas and be sentenced, and while waiting to go to prison, work out

    wanting to plea now on a case get sentenced, and while sitting , waiting to go, work on other cases to follow concurrant to my old case

    Sonja’s Answer

    If all cases are in the same courthouse then it's usually best to get them all wrapped up together at the same time. but they can be done separately. but only the attorney who know the details of your cases can best advise you.

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  • Can I have a misdemeanor possession charge from 20 yrs ago removed from my record? I want to get my CHL but was denied.

    A misdemeanor possession of marijuana in April of 1995 is keeping me from obtaining my carry license can this be fixed?

    Sonja’s Answer

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    assuming this charge is in oklahoma and you have no convictions for a felony, and no charges pending then yes you can. a petition has to be filed in the county court and an order has to be signed. there are government fees in addition to attorney fees. on average you'll spend 1,000-2,000.

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  • First offense dui probation violation

    I am on 6 months supervised probation with 2 random uas per month. I failed a ua and have a failure to submit(based on color code supposed to call in everyday didnt call for a few days color was called and didnt know)...i have one and a half month...

    Sonja’s Answer

    In OKC jail is a possibility for messing up probation. and yes people do go to jail for messing up probation on a DUI in OkC. I've seen it happen.
    you obviously had an attorney when you got the deal bc OKC doesn't give probation offers to people without attorneys. you should be talking to that attorney bc he/she will be the one with you when you go to your probation violation hearing. If you have fired them or they have fired you, them get new counsel asap. Your atty can talk to the city prosecutor about your situation.
    in the mean time you need to continue checking in with your probation officer, who may recommend things to do too.

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