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Brycelyn Johnson

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  • I payed $4000.00 on a new vehicle. today they denied my credit. will i get my down payment back?

    a few days ago i made a $4000 down payment for a 2014 ford fiesta. i was told i could get the vehicle for an additional 16000+ with payments at $300 per month with a rate of 5.9% financing. I received a letter stating i was denied the credit. wha...

    Brycelyn’s Answer

    Our firm has looked into auto fraud within dealerships, it is hard to know without reviewing your paperwork specifics of your case. If you would like to discuss some of the issues please feel free to reach out to a local Oklahoma attorney.

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  • What do I need to prove a fall in a casino

    I got up to go to another place tpo play slots and tripped and fell to the floor in an Indian casino in Lawton, ok. I never realized I had a injury It hurt when I fell but it would hurt fall. I never connected the pinched feeling in my ...

    Brycelyn’s Answer

    Your best option is to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. They can help you better evaluate your case and if they are unable to help they may know a lawyer who is experienced with tribal courts they can refer. I'm always willing to listen and see if I can help.

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  • What type of lawyer do I need to sue the hospital for overdose of epidural medical, leaving me with sciatic nerve damage?

    4 months ago, the anesthesiologist gave me an epidural, and it made me nauseated, so when I told my nurse and she did some thing that made things worse. So about another hour went by and the anesthesiologist came back in and I told him and he said...

    Brycelyn’s Answer

    You need to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible, medical malpractice & your pain and suffering need to be addressed. I do offer a free consultation and would have no problem sitting down with you and hearing the details to give you a recommendation.

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