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  1. What are my charges. Do I need a lawyer? DUI

    Answered 9 months ago.

    1. Cambria L Lisonbee
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    Most anytime someone hits the point to ponder if they need counsel, the answer is yes, you do. If that point comes after being cuffed and placed in the back of a police car, the answer is still very much yes, you do.

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  2. We are trying to get policy limit from auto accident insurance company.

    Answered 7 months ago.

    1. Steven L Shaw
    2. Carrie D. Umland
    3. Debra J Toews
    4. Jason Henry Schauer
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    With respect, as you presently have counsel, all questions regarding your case should be presented by you to your counsel.

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    Answered 9 months ago.

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    I am deeply sorrowful for your loss. Please know there are numerous attorneys in the greater Tulsa area, and outside the area as well, who provide legal assistance to surviving parents in such wrongful death proceedings. You may use the Find a Lawyer feature here, or use other means of your choosing.

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  4. What do I do?

    Answered 12 months ago.

    1. Kevin H. Pate
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    Unless the driver has significant assets you can pursue, unlikely in general terms but possible, your recovery will be constrained to the limit amount of his insurance policy, plus any coverage you may have under your policy regarding medical payment coverage or under insured motorist coverage or your health insurance coverage.

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  5. Does an auto policy limit dictate how the settlement is calculated?

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Wayne William Bilsky
    2. Kevin H. Pate
    3. Eric Charles Morales
    4. Michael R Crosner
    5. Michael Patrick Perenich
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    What a claim is worth is what it is worth. However, if the appropriate value of a claim is, just as an example, 130,000 but the policy limit is 50,000, the most the insurer can offer as a settlement is the policy limit. It is then on the injured party and counsel to decide if there is merit to instead pursue assets of the at fault person instead of settling, and any other avenues of recovery that may exist. Sadly, sometimes there is a lot of need, and not near enough available funding...

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  6. How can a person protect their cash in bank account from possible law suit judgment arising from a car accident.

    Answered 11 months ago.

    1. Robert Max Klein
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    You clearly have means to retain counsel. You indicate you have not yet been sued, but anticipate you might. with respect, why are you fussing around on an internet forum instead of sitting across from counsel signing your representation agreement? Or would you prefer to just wait for a summons and then try to deal with all your various possibilities after there are orders in place limiting what you may do? Delay in hiring counsel is not your friend, not in the least.

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  7. CAR ACCIDENT: The insurance company offered me the policy limits, but it's a low limit 25k policy, and I have at least 100k in

    Answered 12 days ago.

    1. Michael Raymond Daymude
    2. Kevin H. Pate
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    People with significant assets to protect generally do not roll the road on a 25 limit policy. It's possible, but it is quite unlikely. Putting someone on a payment plan sounds good on the surface, but in reality, how will you enforce it. It is not significantly more expensive for them to have purchased a higher level of insurance protection, yet they did not. Odds are, sad to say, rather high they are not current on all existing payment plans, even for the basics. You likely feel this isn'...

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  8. Can someone sue me almost a year and 9 months after a car accident?? And demanding a jury trial

    Answered 20 days ago.

    1. Daniel S. Jaffe
    2. Kristy L. Bruce
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    In a word, yes. If you have not already told your insurance company, go do it right now.

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  9. Personal injury lawsuit, my lawyer and his firm neglected to inform me of cancellation for Mediation......

    Answered 27 days ago.

    1. Nick Jay Dorsten
    2. Julia Nicole McGrath
    3. Daniel Marc Berman
    4. Kevin H. Pate
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    If it was a brutally cold day, this would have happened months ago. if you do not trust your counsel over this or for other reasons, sit down with counsel and either resolve the concerns or find new counsel if you find the concerns are not fully resolved. Before discharging counsel, be certain you will not harm your proceedings by taking that action. There is nothing to gain in harming yourself or your case to make a point.

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  10. Does the lawyer get the third from a check that is from the insurance to a person take care of another person?

    Answered 7 months ago.

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    The attorney fee is typically contracted for between the client and counsel. The first place to look to resolve any question would be the representation agreement.

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