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Richard Garrett Ham

Richard Ham’s Legal Guides

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  • Starting a Business and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Part 1

    Starting a business can be an extraordinary stressful and fear-laden endeavor, and the pressure to pick the proper business form can only add to this pressure. In aprevious post, I discussed some of the pitfalls entrepreneurs face when starting a business without properly plannin...

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  • Starting a Business and the Limited Liability Company (LLC) Part 2

    In aprevious post, I discussed the process of forming an LLC and the benefits of working with a business attorney to ensure that improper filings or flaws in the formation process do not jeopardize the benefits of limited liability. In this post, I will discuss issues of business...

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  • The National Firearms Act of 1934

    With all the talk ofgun controlin the media todayparticularly discussions centering around the banning of assault weapons and other specific gun control proposalsmany people are surprised to learn that current gun laws allow for the possession of fully automatic machine guns by p...

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  • The Convenience of Gun Trusts

    In aprevious post, I provided a brief overview of the National Firearms Act of 1934. In this post, I will discuss gun trusts and the benefits they provide when seeking to acquire weapons governed by the National Firearms Actincluding machine guns and suppressorsotherwise otherwis...

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  • Do You Need an Attorney to Draft Your Will?

    With advertisements for do-it-yourself solutions such asLegalZoomcrowding the airwaves, many people wonder, Do I need a lawyer for a will? While perhaps counter to what you might expect to hear from an attorney, the answer is not necessary. There are several methods available by ...

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  • Protecting Your Business With a Family Limited Partnership

    If you own a family business, at some point you may begin thinking about passing it down to the next generation. Succession planning can be an extremely complex and confusing process, particularly if you want to ensure the business stays in the family. This can be even more diffi...

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