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Kimberly Ogden Sutton

Kimberly Sutton’s Answers

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  • Immigration court appointments and a criminal case not terminate.

    So, my boyfriend has a criminal case open, he paid his bail bond from the criminal case and since he has an immigration warrant he was taken by immigration too. immigration set a bail for him of 15,000 dollars which we paid it with a bail bond ma...

    Kimberly’s Answer

    He has two separate issues now that he must deal with, criminal and immigration. The criminal case has not gone away, and if he doesn't deal with that, it will become an even bigger problem for him in his immigration proceedings.

    He should consult an experienced immigration attorney immediately to discuss his immigration prospects. That attorney may be able to handle his criminal case or refer him to someone else who can.

    Regardless, it is very important that whoever handles his criminal issue is aware of his immigration issue and discusses it with his immigration lawyer before taking any steps.

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  • My I 360 was approved on 12/10/2012 but still i couldn't get actual approval notice? Could it be approval by mistake or what?

    my I 360 was approved on 12 / 10 / 2012 but still i couldn't get actual approval notice ? Could it be approval by mistake or what ? actually i checked it on line

    Kimberly’s Answer

    If you live near a USCIS Field Office, you may want to schedule an INFOpass appointment ( to physically go in to the office and ask about your case.

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