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  • My fiance has a parole hearing coming up..he's been locked up for little over a month bring charged for obscaunding..

    He is a convicted felon and has been in and out of jail and prison..his first charge for obscaunding they dropped..he hasn't been in any trouble since 2013 and got out of prison 2010..does he have a chance of being rereinstatereinstated and coming...

    Seth’s Answer

    Really no one can even try to answer this without knowing what his revo is exactly for. Even if we did, we could only estimate. The Arkansas Parole Technical Violator Program is less than six months. Maybe look into that if you think the State can win a conviction. Just do cost/benefit analysis to see if an attorney can help.

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  • I showed up for court today and much to my amazement after sitting an hour and a half, my name was not called?!?

    I have the papers from the sheriffs department stating date and time I was to show, the court had no record on the doc that I even had a court date. what do I do. I wasted part of a day of work and also someone else's time to make sure I made my c...

    Seth’s Answer

    Yea, so you should call the court. Mountainburg is in Crawford County. That is just where your question is from, you could have a different court.

    For felonies call Circuit Court, for Misdemeanors you must call District Court. There are multiple district courts for many counties, though.

    Even if you don't have a lawyer, you can sign in with the Bailiff. Look for someone that appears to be security, maybe with a clipboard, and politely ask if they have the docket. Check for your name.

    Many counties just write their "next court date" on summons/warrants. The prosecutor has to put out paperwork before you get on the docket though, so your actual date may vary.

    It is your responsibility to follow up on this if you don't have an attorney. Make sure your Driver License has your proper mailing address. Save your papers. Call the court to not miss work. Be polite and plainly spell your name and date of birth.

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  • Fiancée was charged with aggravated assault an criminal mischief in the second degree for raming someone's car

    This is her first offense ever

    Seth’s Answer

    Ok so agg assault is a class d felony, which is the lowest level of felony. The criminal mischief can be a misdemeanor or felony. On a first offender type case, you want to hire someone to exonerate or best protect record. Reducing to a misdemeanor is more probable on a class d felony than any other felony. There are also many first time offender or similar provisions, some are better than others.

    There is a strong chance that a credible criminal defense attorney can help here. here. Call multiple attorneys in Arkansas. I would talk to a few in Little Rock as well as Newport.

    This was typed on phone.

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  • What should I do?

    We are from Little Rock Arkansas , My boyfriend had an omnibus hearing and a jury trail set that he didn't attend so he had a warrant out for his arrest. His bail bondsman told us he had another court day which we showed up for and he went to jail...

    Seth’s Answer

    Well, if he attended a court date without being arrested, it sounds like he turned himself in. That's easy to argue. I would type "Pulaski Court Connect" into your favorite search engine and then search for his case using his name. This will at least tell you what he is charged with and other information. With incomplete information, I can't really say more than this. An attorney can motion for bond hearing but needs an explanation for prior issue. If you decide to get a consultation, the more you know, they more an attorney can help.

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  • Traffic ticket dismissed by a wrong home zip code?

    Got a very minor traffic ticket in NW Arkansas. I am an African-American Male. However, the ticket shows "O" in the race section. It seems mean "Other" after I contact with court. Also, they put a wrong zip code for my home address. If I got t...

    Seth’s Answer

    I agree the zip code being off isn't sufficient to get it dismissed. I don't think you should just pay it though. Many courts will give probation or a civil penalty and protect your record for insurance purposes. You can request this on your own or call a traffic attorney.

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  • I need a lawyer

    I got a DUS 3rd. in Charleston South Carolina. Lost my license for 5 yrs an went to prison for 6 months. need to know how to get my license back . My 5 years is up . I live in Arkansas now

    Seth’s Answer

    Step 1 is contact driver control in both States to check for any holds. I usually ask them to fax me a report if there are several. You want to know specifically what the hold is for and where it is.

    Arkansas Driver Control

    South Carolina Driver Control
    (803) 896-5000

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  • I have a warrant out for "contempt of court." How do I resolve this?

    I was on parole for a marijuana charge and I was told I did not have my community service hours turned in in a timely manner. They told me I had the full year to get it done but with 2 months left they told me that it had "taken too long and now I...

    Seth’s Answer

    The court order specifies when community service hours are due. Sometimes they are just due by the end of the sentence, sometimes they can be required due in a shorter amount of time. Without checking the order, there is no way to tell for sure.

    Basically if a warrant went out, it is because a petition to revoke probation got filed. You can get a consultation with an Arkansas criminal defense lawyer if you want help with the PTR. Here is a pro tip: make sure whoever you hire for that agrees to seal your record for you. One of the main reasons to contest the PTR is to protect your record, and whoever helps you contest the PTR will have all the information they need to figure out how to best seal/expunge your case. Good luck.

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  • Is it legal for cops to stand in the road an run radar

    I was pulled over today for speeding which I know I shouldn't have been but I honestly didn't realize I was going so fast but my question is in the state of Arkansas is it legal for the officer to be standing in the road running radar on cars? The...

    Seth’s Answer

    Legal. Officer's have a giant traffic cone costume they wear in front of UALR sometimes.

    If your record is ok, you can probably get probation or a civil penalty depending on which court you are at. (There's a few different in Little Rock)

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  • I got a DUS 3 was in prison for 6 months. My license were suspended till may 2015 . This happened in south I now live In Ark .

    I need a lawyer to get the details. On reinstatement fees

    Seth’s Answer

    Usually you have two classes you need to do that cost money. In addition for each time you get your license suspended by a court or get a failure to appear, a fee is imposed by driver control. My advice is to call Arkansas Driver Control before you call an attorney. They often fax me the list of my client's suspensions. Sometimes it is a long list. If you determine you have several holds, sometimes a lawyer can assist you, depending on what court you are dealing with.


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  • How do I get my record sealed?

    5 years ago, I was driving with someone who was carrying marijuana and we were pulled over for speeding. The car was searched and we were both arrested for possession. I have never used drugs and did not know this person had it on him. My charges ...

    Seth’s Answer

    Background checks are complicated. The State follows these rules, and private companies follow those rules.

    I'd start with running an ACIC check on yourself. If you are an Arkansas resident that can spend about 22 bucks, it won't hurt. You could even send a clean report to a prospective employer. If it isn't clean, well, you gotta call someone. Maybe there was an error.

    Basically, run your own background check - I doubt the charge is hurting you, but it could be or something else could be.

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