Milton Abelardo DeJesus

Milton Abelardo DeJesus

About Me 

Selected as a delegate with the American Bar Association International Legal Exchange (ILEX) in 2009 immediately after the Mumbai, India bombings in December of 2008. Purpose of the conference was to show solidarity with the Indian legal system and to promote and uphold the rule of law; toured a number of cities in India including Dehli, Bangalore, Mumbai and the Taj Mahal; the delegation met with a number of justices both at the local level and with the India Supreme Court, as well as private industry leaders.


Extensive travel to Asia and South America and Middle East on behalf of clients; 


Lectured as guest speaker at the Metro Manilla Law Conference in the Phillipines;


Speaker at a number of Human Resources Association meetings, local and state Continuing Legal Education Conferences. Member of American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1988 and a member of the Silver Circle AILA.