Ms. Arnona was assigned to help me by her employer, Bloom Legal. I had previously engaged Mr. Bloom and was a bit dissatisfied so he asked me to allow his firm to assist in this matter as recompense. I had previously received a judgment for compensation in Jefferson Parish Justice of the Peace (small claims) court and anticipated that the defendant would not be cooperative so asked Mr. Bloom to assist in encouraging the defendant to comply with the court's orders and in a worst case scenario, to assist with taking the defendant back to court for non-compliance. Unfortunately, we were correct and the defendant was indeed, non-compliant so Ms. Arnona was helpful in discussing with the court the remedies available and scheduling on my behalf and eventually the defendant created a payment plan and just recently sent his first payment to me. Having worked with and personally knowing many attorneys, I appreciated Bloom Legal's offer to help in a somewhat trivial legal manner and Ms. Arnona's assistance especially given that during this time I had to relocate out-of-town so was preoccupied with moving.