This lawyer is NOT very knowledgeable about what is contained in the LA Rules of Civil Procedures book pertaining to fair amounts charged to a client for copying medical records. He thinks that he can charge a client in excess of $100 a page for a copy of a medical record. He frightens a client by mailing letters requesting his client's income, assets, tax returns and other documents in an effort to be paid monies that he feels are due to him. He did not work my case, yet he sends me bills over and over. I issued him a check to file an appeal several years ago. He forgot to file the appeal. He particularly preys on senior citizens who are in their 80s. He has caused my mother's blood pressure to skyrocket. My dad has suffered a stroke and now has dementia so I have power of attorney on their behalf. This lawyer still demands payment yet fails to ask himself why is he feeling the need to be paid. He should be removed from this community so that he cannot prey upon anyone else by using his legal position. He completely blew our case! We have our check back from him that was supposed to be used to file an appeal with. We just want him out of our lives and would like to see justice prevail! He took our case; he never contacted us for at least a year. We thought we had a chance with the appeal. He completely forgot to file it yet his charges that he feels are due to him are all inclusive of court costs, filing fees for the appeal., interest on monies that he feels are due to him, etc. Hopefully, the board will give us an opportunity to step forward and present our side of this story so that others will not be taken advantage of by attorneys such as Mr. Montelepre. I would like this to remain confidential because we cannot take much more of Mr. Montelepre. Further, Mr. Montelepre advised us that if he did not hear from us on or before February 14, 2014, the interest rate as well as the so-called amount of money that we supposedly owe him will be increased. How does any lawyer have the ability to charge a client unusually high interest rates which will inflate any amount of funds that he feels are due and owing to him. He has played this game since the inception of this case. He is a cheat and just a pitiful citizen that should be dealt with accordingly. In his recent letter to us, he requested a copy of the pink slip to my 1994 Mercedes-Benz vehicle as well as a copy of my personal tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service. We are 83 and 84 year old citizens of this community. We live on a fixed income and have been married for 65 years. It is very scary to continuously receive letters that contain demands that I have little or no knowledge of. I am not well at this time and whenever these letters arrive, I become ill.