Here is the statement of what happened.
I was her client last month. When I was involved in a criminal case due to fighting, I contacted this attorney. She let me pay her 1000$ in advance without giving any receipt. But thanks to God, there is another guy who watched I paying that. Several days after I paying it, I called her office and email her many times until I got one response to make an appointment of meeting to talk about my case. At the first time we met, she wanna charge me another 7500$ for my case and give me a contract to let me sign. I can't afford that price. So I didn't sign the contract and said I would think about it. And several days later, I called her office and emailed her many many times, but NO RESPONSE. She even didn't give me any advice and explanation of what happened. So I went to the court and asked the judge to allow me to switch my attorney.
But when I went to her office and talk with her directly about that 1000$. She told me NOTHING LEFT. I didn't get any service, just meeting her one time. But for the other attorneys here, they give me free consultation.
So I don't wanna comment on her knowledge about the law because she didn't show that. But just for service, attitude and money, I can't give a positive review for her. I would NOT recommend this attorney. Just as a reference.