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Rodney A Halstead

About Rodney Halstead

About me

I am very passionate about helping my clients plan to avoid or fight the Long-Term-care (LTC) bullies and/or fires in their lives. You see as a young child I was influenced negatively by a bully and positively by a fire-fighting family. 


In kindergarten, I was bullied by a classmate.  I did not fight back because I was taught to walk away.  After shooting me with a BB Gun, however, I was given permission to stand-up to the bully.  I have been helping others stand-up to their actual or perceived LTC bullies for years.


Again, as a young child, I wanted to be a fire fighter to help people plan to protect their property from fire catastrophies in advance of a fire or to minimize the damage after the fire occurs.  I don't actually fight the flame-throwing type of fires today, but I do help people to plan against LTC fires or to minimize the damages of such LTC fires after they occur.

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