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  • Who can I talk to about compensation?

    I was assaulted by a patient at work. Since then I have been having really bad anxiety, unable to concentrate, headaches, its been so bad that I have been unable to go back to work there. I have been in that field for 12 years. I have also had to...

    Justin’s Answer

    Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem. We've represented many healthcare professionals that have been assaulted by patients/residents and had issues afterward.

    I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment to see an attorney right away. Either an in person consultation or telephone consultation ought to work. You'll need to make sure the prerequisites to compensation (injury arising out of the course of employment, etc) have been met and if so, that the employer and its carrier are going to cover your medical and indemnity loss.

    Just because an injury is mental doesn't mean it isn't an injury. You might encounter resistance from the employer because they can't see your injury or verify it with and MRI or Xray. Don't let that dissuade you. Talk to an experienced work comp attorney that can make sure you get the treatment and indemnity that you need.

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  • Do I need a worker compensation lawyer?

    Dislocated Elbow With Broken ulna & Shattered radial head with 20% of radial head completely gone. Most ligaments for muscles in forearm needed to be repaired except for small group. Slipped off skid steer with bucket attachment. Dominant right a...

    Justin’s Answer

    At a minimum, I think you need to contact a NE licensed attorney and get some questions answered. Consultations are free generally, and you need to make sure you are getting treated fairly.

    Because you have an injury to your elbow it will be a "scheduled member" injury, which is compensated based on impairment, and not the loss of future earning capacity.

    You may be eligible for a vocational rehabilitation assessment if you are no longer able to do the work you were doing before.

    Calling a lawyer doesn't mean you have to hire a lawyer. I think it is a good idea to get some questions answered and make sure you're getting treated fairly, so I suggest you contact an attorney.

    Good luck.

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  • How long can my employer put off providing treatment for a workmans comp injury?

    i injured my back on the job and reported it. i saw a doctor within 2 days and was put on restricted duty. after a month i had an mri that stated i have a herniated disk in my lower spine. i have had surgery for a ruptured disk in 2013 in the sa...

    Justin’s Answer

    The direct answer to your question is 'until someone makes them.'

    I would strongly suspect that because of your prior surgery in the same area, they are going to try to shift liability for the accident by obtaining a second opinion on causation. It would be a typical thing to do in these instances.

    However, it sounds like they don't have that second opinion right now. I think you need to hire an attorney to apply pressure and get you the treatment you need.

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  • Ok,second time around.I live in Iowa,the company I work for is based Mo.looking for workers compensation Att. To help me

    Was in semi truck accident,was not the driver at the time of acc., was in sleeper,the driver at the time of acc. (My wife) jumped out,left me with no warning as what was going on???. I can go on , but would rather tell the rest of my story to some...

    Justin’s Answer

    There are many qualified attorneys that would give you a free consultation, myself included. I would suggest you make some calls or send some emails today and I think you'll find someone willing to discuss your case with you right away.

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  • How can I prove I had no previous injury before a fall?

    I am thinking about seeing a lawyer for a slip and fall accident which has resulted in osteoarthritis in my knee confirmed by x-rays. I never had any knee problems before this accident, but I certainly have lots of pain now. My question is this ...

    Justin’s Answer

    I agree with what the other attorneys from various jurisdictions have said about your case.

    In Nebraska, if you can prove that the injury accelerated or exacerbated a pre-existing condition, you have what you need. The fact that your knee was asymptomatic before the injury is what the jury will look to. The facts need to be thoroughly investigated and explained, but that's what a lawyer is for.

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  • I live in Iowa,need an attorneys advice on workers is in Missouri,I can't really drive to Missouri at this time,

    Was in accident (semi),I was in sleeper bet that time of accident,I was not driving ,but had too stop trk.the driver that was driving jumped out.i have been denied workers compensation.Need help

    Justin’s Answer

    There's not enough information here for me to give you any definitive advice. I would suggest you call at attorney and ask some questions. We field calls like that all the time.

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  • I was in car accident (other drivers fault) injuring my spine for life and my atty is offering $95,000. Is this a fair number

    I am unable to hold a job longer than a third of an * hour day. I am in pain every day, live on meds, and was told i am unfixable. can't run, lift or jump ever again. need $7'500 worth of injections a year, chiropractic work and massage. After I p...

    Justin’s Answer

    The best advice anyone here can give you is to have a frank, honest discussion with your attorney. S/he needs to know you are concerned about the amount of the settlement. I think you'll feel better once you have an understanding of the issues. One of the issues might be coverage. Nebraska doesn't require much by way of insurance limits and if the person that caused your injury has liability limits of $100K, then $95K is a very good settlement, assuming they have no decent assets.

    There's a lot that goes into the evaluation. Just talk to your lawyer. Ask questions until you're satisfied. S/he works for you, not the other way around.

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  • Settlement amount for injury from collision with farmers cows out of their pasture on the highway.

    Around midnight traveling home from babysitting on hey 35 encountered approximately 10 cows on the highway. A vehicle kept flashing their lights coming from the other direction but I thought they were trying to tell me that I had my brights on. ...

    Justin’s Answer

    Based on your question, it sounds like you're near the end of your claim and the insurance company wants to settle with you. Here are a couple of things to think about:

    1. Is it time to settle? This is usually determined by whether or not you're done treating for your injuries. If you're still seeking care, I don't think it is time for you to settle yet.
    2. If it is time to settle, has the insurance company gathered all of your medical bills? Is there a primary health insurance carrier that has paid some of those bills? If so, they have a subrogation interest that needs to be taken into account.
    3. What is the total amount of the medical bills you've incurred without the insurance deductions?
    4. Have your doctors rendered any opinions about your permanent impairment?
    5. What other factors might make the value of the claim go up, ie pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium, etc?

    If you want a "shoot from the hip" valuation, these claims are usually calculated by taking the total amount of medical and multiplying by three or four. So, if you had $10K in medical, you're looking at a settlement of $30K or $40K. Of course, the insurance company isn't going to want to pay that, but that's what an attorney can do for you.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions. Good luck!

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  • Do I need an Attorney?

    I hit my head at work on my desk in April...Workers comp paid until the Mri came back then was denied as I have a Suedo-Tumor of the brain and optic nerve damage in my right eye. I never had issues before this now I wear glasses, sensitive to sunl...

    Justin’s Answer

    Based on what you've said, I believe you have a case. If you have a pre-existing condition, and that pre-existing condition is "lit up" or aggravated by a work related injury, then you have a case.

    What you are describing sounds to me like a mild traumatic brain injury. An MRI won't definitively rule out a mild TBI, and I don't think it is a sound basis for ruling out a work related injury. Besides, this is one of those "proof is in the pudding" cases, where you were not symptomatic before the injury and you are symptomatic now.

    I'd suggest you consult with a workers compensation attorney right away. We do free consultations and I would happily take your call.

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  • Can I sue my job for dermatitis conditions?!

    I started to get a rash on my neck about 4 months ago. It begin to spread to my arms and underarms. I finally went to the hospital on two different occasions to find out what the rash was and on my last visit I was told it was ezcema. I told the c...

    Justin’s Answer

    If you can prove a causal connection to a condition of your job and your medical condition, then you can sue your employer for the results of the condition including any permanent impairment.

    I would strongly suggest you contact a workers' compensation attorney familiar with Nebraska law as soon as possible so you can figure out what your options are. Most of us offer free consultations.

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