The third lawyer that I hired for my Wilson County Kansas Fail v Fail District Court Case was Chanute Lawyer Kurt Kluin. As it turned out he was just another Lawyer, and not my Attorney. I paid him a cash retainer up front and paid his monthly statements. Mr. Kluin filed the first amended Petition/Complaint in the Case adding Chanute Lawyer John Rubow as a defendant as the Executor of the Estate. While Chanute Lawyer Kluin was helpful and seemed motivated early on in the Case, he quickly succumbed to pressure (real and/or imagined) from fellow Chanute Lawyer John Rubow and told me, “I have to work with him (John Rubow) every day, and withdrew from the case telling the Court that I was unable to pay his legal fees. I was current on my bill when he withdrew. While I believe that Kurt Kluin is somewhat a mildly reputable lawyer but also a decent person it counted for little in my case. As in many cases, home town local politics Trumps Justice. He made several other mistakes in my case and in my petition.

Additionally my older brother Ivan Lee Fail wrote a derogatory and threatening letter to Lawyer Kurt Kluin as he did my Lawyer before him, Ted Knopp from Wichita. My brother who got over $1,000,000 out of the Case while I got Zero told lawyer Kluin that his practice would suffer if he continued to represent me. I would rate Kurt Kluin as a seemingly good person and perhaps an average competent and good attorney, although as it turned out not a good attorney for me. He quit in the middle of the case thereby contributing to the loss of my case and $650,000.

The day we buried my Dad, my son Adam asked Ivan Lee why they would not let us see Grand Pa before he died. He told my son. “It’s Larry’s fault that you were not allowed to see your Grand Pa before he died, you see Larry has to pay for his bad conduct.” He then told me. “You and Dad had it your way all of these years, now you are not going to have it your way any longer.” You can Google Ivan Lee Fail, John Roy Fail and June Dedeke or go to Fail Family . net