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Jeffery Sutton’s Answers

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  • Do I need an evection notice for an ex boyfriend I asked to move out of my house, and back into his house, 5 weeks ago?

    I asked my now ex-boyfriend to move out of my house, 5 weeks ago. We have never had any type of official agreement or arrangement. I have never taken money for rent/bills, etc. In the last year we have bought food separately and fix separate meals...

    Jeffery’s Answer

    Yes, you will need an eviction notice. go to
    and open the Notice to Vacate Premises document, fill it out for him and serve it on him, make sure and keep a copy for yourself. There are also forms here to file the eviction.

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  • I was driving from work and i hit a car and i was driving with a instructional permit didnt have anybody with me i am 21yrsold

    i was coming from work and i stopped at the stop sign and i didnt see anybody went to go and rain into a car and i was driving with a instructional permit and had no one with me i am 21 first ticket etc have to go to court was wanting to know what...

    Jeffery’s Answer

    If you go into Court without counsel, it is likely that you will be found guilty of a moving violation that will adversely affect your driving record. there will be a fine and court costs assessed. Did you have liability coverage for the vehicle you were driving? If you are convicted of that, your license to drive can be affected. i would recommend you get an appointment with Edward Battitori, an attorney in Pittsburg, Kansas, to discuss this in more detail. Tell him that I recommended you to him.

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