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James Richard Royce

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    Posted by Clifford

    BIG talker little performer

    I retained James Royce for a divorce, sadly I made a very expensive mistake, he is professional at opening letters and charging a high fee to do so, Mr. Royce did very little if anything to protect my property and retirement assets, he surprised me with hidden fees prior to entering the court room to represent in a very lengthy divorce. Mr. Royce left literally every issue I approached him with UNRESOLVED, tax issues, stock fund issues, property being hidden to property issues still unresolved to this date after excessive requests for resolutions in this matter, Mr. Royce did NOTHING to resolve child visitation issues, Mr. Royce DID take very aggressive action when he expected payment for ??? he sued me in the town that I reside in and during his court performance explained many personal issues related to my particular divorce case he also used my daughters disability as a plow to gain attention of the judge making it sound as if he and his staff worked long exhausting hours and days on visitation arrangements which were not logged in time sheets that he had charged me for. James Royce informed me after court that I have 10 years from my divorce date to take my "X" back to court to collect my property, --- Funny I thought I had hired him to do that for me. Mr. Royce has a strong issue with integrity when he was placed on the stand. Attorneys lie through their teeth !!!!!! I am confused about truth, and justice. "Just because you have a college degree hanging on the wall does not make you an honest man" Mr. Royce will speak with compassion and concern but actually doesn't give a damn with the exceptions of you wallet and be very aware of his wonderful friend Mrs. Housholder in Marshfield, MO