Bradley David Mccormack

Bradley David Mccormack

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One of the hardest things you can do is own a small or medium sized business. In today's economy, there is no shortage of reasons that small and medium sized businesses are facing problems.
If you are facing foreclosure due to past due mortgage payments, you may be thinking about a mortgage modification, a short sale or some type of forbearance program to give you time to get caught up.
At The Sader Law Firm we know that when it comes to bankruptcy, you need an experienced firm with capable and understanding attorneys. Our attorneys have over 30 combined years experience handling chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy cases.
Do you think that filing bankruptcy is a stain that stays with you forever? You know, there are so many bankruptcy myths and misconceptions spread by those who really do not know the truth. What I want to do, is to dispel a few of these myths with facts.

About Me 

The focus of my practice is helping small businesses reorganize and stay in business through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  Too often I've seen businesses shut down because they were either unaware of their options, or could not afford to hire a large, expensive firm to do the work.  We provide big firm knowledge and experience with a small firm personal touch.  Chapter 11 is not just for GM, the law is there to help all businesses, no matter how small.

I have helped businesses in both Kansas and Missouri avert financial disaster and reorganize in Chapter 11.  We can help reduce secured debt, eliminate unsecured debt and restructure tax debt.  All the while we help small business owners continue to operate, pay their employees and relieve them of their financial stress.

I have been in practice for over a decade appearing in over 30 different courts in both Kansas and Missouri.  I have handled numerous Chapter 11's from filing to discharge and can help you reorganize your business into a stronger company that will not only survive but continue to grow.


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