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Finally, an attorney that can be respected and trusted!

Posted by: Kimberly, a DUI client 3 months ago.

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I recommend Vincent Esposito

I hired Vincent 1-3 years ago.

Vincent handled my DUI / DWI matter.

I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.

Best attorney a person could ask for. He reassured me from the very beginning that everything was going to be okay. He saw how nervous I was without me even saying a word. Immediately made me feel comfortable and not in fear for the loss of my freedom. He was aware of my financial situation and allowed me to make payments, all the while continuing my case until he knew I was able to go to the final court date and have the fine money I owed, seeing as how the city did not give time to pay. Also, during the time of continuances I received another charge in which he never asked me for a dime for his representation in this particular case. He did, in fact, represent me, without me having to even go in front of the judge, and was able to obtain a lesser fine and no jail time in which the prosecutor was recommending for me. This man is an amazing attorney. I probably sound like a common criminal (I am not) but 3 days before my final hearing, I again received another charge in which he did not hesitate to handle for me without asking me for a dime. I strongly recommend Mr. Esposito and will retain him for any future legal issues I may incur. Well worth the minimal fees he charges!!!!