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Kevin Wibbenmeyer’s Client Reviews

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  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Amy

    I do not recommend Kevin

    I was thoroughly disappointed with Kevin's lack of due diligence in the case where he represented my son. During the six months he represented him he did not once get his name correct and always called him by my exes name. I told my son he could meet with his lawyer and that he can trust him and to tell him what he feels and Kevin would help him. My son did this and Kevin quickly dismissed my son's wishes and pleas to him because he said he was too young to know what he wants. Kevin recommended to the court that my son spend what I consider way to much time with his abusive father who has been diagnosed with a personality disorder and my son has suffered greatly from this lack of care in representation. I have never been so disappointed in our family courts system until after my work with Mr. Wibbenmeyer.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    horrible. do not use this man

    When you try to speak with him on the phone, he acts like you're bothering him and tries to speak over you non stop.
    Dealt with a restraining order against me from seeing my son and I had to be the one that told him what his authority was and what he was able to do.
    He does not read all evidence, he will lie saying he spoke to someone when he hasn't.
    You're supposed to have at least 30 minutes to talk to.him yet he shows up 15 mins late and still expects to leave at the normal time.
    If you see his name...RUN.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Not recommending Wibbenmeyer

    Kevin is very nice and I do like him on a personal level as I believe he has family values. He has familiarity with process as well as most representatives in the St. Charles court house. However, he either did not inform me or responded to a request in over a week's time every time. He requested meetings, in my opinion to rack up money on my part, and was not prepared and always late to the meetings. Each time he requested I get some kind of information in which I did right away. I would send it in and hear nothing back. I was not copied on any correspondence. If I were to call him, he acted inconvenienced and told me to call his assistant. She was very was nice but had to wait on him as well. In the end, he did not use any of the information I provided and brought me a scrap paper with some numbers he and the opposing lawyer came up with at the court house. It was a huge inconvenience to pay all of those thousands of dollars and take all of that time away from my work day and family for him to not help me in any way. I would not recommend him to anyone. I expect my lawyer to be knowledgable to my specific case. I am very disappointed in how little he was aware of my situation each time he requested a meeting and nothing productive was ever accomplished.