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We are pleased to have Joan Swartz as a trusted advisor for all of our legal matters.

Posted by: Jon, a Business client almost 3 years ago.

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Joan Swartz has been our primary corporate business attorney for over a decade. We are an international business improvement consulting firm based in Arizona. We depend on Joan as our primary focal point for all of our legal activities. She has a non threatening and common sense approach to her work that we really appreciate. She has assisted in developing all of our internal legal documents as well has represented us successfully with a couple of employment law cases that have required litigation. She is fair, understand the issues and is extremely diligent when it comes to resolving issues. Recently, Joan was retained to architect an agreement to repurchase the shares of a business partner who desired to leave our organization. Because of her involvement the re-purchase went well. The results exceeded the expectations of all parties involved. We are pleased to have her on our team.