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Cynthia Garnholz

Cynthia Garnholz’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Outstanding Professional

    I would highly recommend Cynthia Garnholz as a family law practitioner. Having known and worked with her for nearly a decade, I believe she has the experience, knowledge, intellect and dedication to represent her clients successfully. An empathetic nature makes her exceptionally suited for family practice law. In addition, her ethics are of the highest standard. She has earned my trust and absolute respect.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Beverly

    I would recommend Cynthia Garnholz

    I hired Cynthia about a year ago to re-do my will, trust and powers of attorney. I thought she was thorough, she answered all my questions, the work was done when promised and at a reasonable price. Cynthia is professional and trustworthy beyond question.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Judy

    Representation mistakes

    I thought this lawyer was more for the men in the divorce case, surprising being a woman. She was very condescending and had a “holier than thou” attitude. She always spoke “down” to me when we had conversations. At the end she ended up representing my spouse also since the other lawyer would not move forward with the divorce and it had been a year. My main reason for the low rating is due to the mistakes she/her office made on my behalf in the divorce proceedings. I did not find this out for almost 6 years afterwards and that could have been disastrous. My property was taken out of the trust to complete the divorce but not put back in the trust-a BIG mistake. When this was discovered I went back to her to have it corrected and found out about another mistake, I was asked by this lawyer if I had a satisfaction of judgment signed on the property to which I responded that I did not know one was needed. (THIS IS WHY YOU GO TO A LAWYER, RIGHT?) She replied that without it there was a lien on the property. I asked how was I to know this, and she said his lawyer…. trailing off (I would think she would tell me to protect her client) and then she realized she had represented us both. A simple piece of paper that could have been given to us, SHOULD HAVE, been given to us to sign/notarize the day we paid each other what the judge had set. To get all of her mistakes corrected cost me over $250.00 which I did not have but made payments. I had written a letter asking for a discount since this should have all been handled correctly 6 years ago, not accusatory, just requested and she did not even have the decency to reply. I asked when I set up the payments and her assistant said “she wouldn’t”. I think my rating is more than fair, fairer than what Ms. Garnholz was with me.

    Cynthia Garnholz’s response: “Judy, As you know, I represented only you, and not your ex-husband, in what was a very long and unpleasant divorce proceeding. I strive to give my clients the very best representation in every case and to treat each client with respect and fairness. I would be happy to discuss any concerns with you directly at any time. I look forward to hearing from you.”