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John Page

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Choosing a Truck Accident Lawyer - Missouri Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer John Page
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About Me 

John Page is a Missouri personal injury lawyer that handles serious injury and death cases.  A highly respected member of the St. Louis legal community, John has been honored by lawyers and judges with Martindale-Hubbell’s AV Peer Review Rating. This ranking — the highest a lawyer can earn — is given to an attorney whose peers have deemed him or her a “Preeminent Lawyer.” Page practices exclusively in the discipline of Missouri personal injury law. He represents people who have been injured in:


* Truck Accidents
* Tractor-trailer Accidents
* Big-truck Accidents
* Car Accidents
* Trash Truck Accidents
* Garbage Truck Accidents
* Motorcycle Accidents
* Construction Accidents
* Wrongful Death Cases


John Page has achieved phenomenal success in helping individuals and their families through some of the toughest times of their lives. Personal injury victims typically suffer both physical and emotional damage, and the injury affects every single area of a victim’s life.

Page loves his job and loves to help people.  He limits his practice to cases that deal with serious injury or death.  This allows him give each client the personal time and attention they deserve. “Although processing a high volume of cases can produce financial results for a law firm, that approach is not for me and does not reflect my values.”

A significant amount of time and money is typically spent on each case.  Page works with the experts from many different fields to prepare the best possible case for trial. A good example of this would be an expert that could explain to the jury why someone was required to have a spinal fusion because of a ruptured disc after a truck accident.  Since that is not common knowledge, it takes an expert to explain this.

The experts that we work with are commonly in the fields of trauma surgery, life care planning, neurology, toxicology, orthopedics, economics, accident reconstruction and spinal surgery, to name but a few.

Representing personal injury victims in Missouri is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding disciplines in the practice of law. “I love what I do,” Page says, “and when someone loves what they do they are typically very good at it. My past results speak volumes about my passion and dedication to my profession. My clients regularly refer their family and friends long after their cases have concluded. During a significant injury case I become friends, lifelong friends, with my client.”