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Daniel Christopher Kay

Daniel Kay’s client reviews

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  • Great attorney.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Kay is an attorney like no other. I had his personal cell phone number even and our first consultation (free) was literally two hours long. He walked through every possible scenario and we talked through every "what if" and worst case scenario. He charged a flat fee for his service, which I was a little concerned about, thinking communication would be limited after he sold himself to me, but it was quite the opposite. Even when I was out of town, Mr. Kay would do a video chat! Communication was great.

    It seemed he was very respected within the courtroom and had a good rapport with other attorneys and respectful to everyone from the security guard at entrances to the bailiff, to the judge and to me at all times.

    I would advise that he is quite a bit more expensive than the other attorneys I talked to for the free consult, but the end result in the form of great communication, which equaled peace of mind, was worth the extra money.

    I have some additional legal work to do in the next year and I will, no doubt retain Mr. Kay for the same services.

  • Talented, precise, honorable, and completely honest....

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I have had a couple of lawyers which were extremely horrible experiences; so needless to say I was a bit uneasy in meeting Daniel. I had spoke with Daniel on the Phone and he seemed very honest and forthcoming about information (which is exactly what was needed no BS). Daniel was straight forward and advised me in every aspect of my situation to get the outcome that was beneficial. Daniel put forth towards the case with sensitivity to the situation and made it seem like it was his own situation which helped me feel at ease in him handling the proceedings. There are a lot of individuals out there that will take your money and do the minimum they need to do; but if you want a lawyer that is going to do his job to the end and be there for you when needed (meaning return your call personally with answers to your questions), and having respect for your situation and you then he is the lawyer for you.
    Daniel was not just a lawyer, but a friend through a difficult time that took the time to care and research my case to make sure he was doing all in his power to get a good outcome in the proper way. I would highly recommend Mr. Kay for legal situations that you are facing. He is fair, knowledgeable, straightforward whether you want him to be or not, and trustworthy these are admirable traits and a rarity in lawyers. Today's society seems to be the least they can do for the most money they can charge; simply this lawyer is not like that. I would suggest highly that just make the call to him and make your own judgement and then you will understand he is not out for just the money, but to help the best way he can! Now I ain't to good with words, and I do like to give people a hard time but this person does deserve recognition for his efforts and hard work that he accomplishes daily for the clients he helps (at least this client). Thank you for all your hard work it is appreciated!

  • Flexible payments but do not expect much

    1.0 star

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Mr Kay was quite impressive during initial consultation. When it came to actually putting in the work his efforts were lack luster. I would not use his services for anything more complex than an open and shut case. He did not deliver.

    Daniel Christopher Kay’s response: “I am aggressive criminal defense and DUI attorney and have worked hard to establish my reputation as a good attorney. I will attest that I have had no problems with any of my DUI clients since I opened my doors 1 ½ years ago. No complaints about my performance or not keeping clients informed or anything like that. I believe the above “review” is fictitious. I have recently expressed political ambitions and have a haunting suspicion the above review was written by a would-be political opponent or someone closely aligned with them. I have asked AVVO to disclose the name of who left this “review” so I could verify the claim that this person was my client. AVVO has a policy against disclosure of disclosure, saying they want to promote “openness.” I could sue AVVO and attempt to compel them to produce the records. In the end, its not worth my time or money to learn that my political opponent is willing to play dirty tricks. That is no great shock to anyone.”
  • Being professional and courteous goes a long way.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Mr. Kay was very timely and professional with my case from the very beginning to the end. He returned phone calls and emails within hours of hearing from me. This helped to put me at ease, knowing that my case was receiving immediate attention and details were not being forgotten over time. Mr. Kay provided me with a detailed bill for everything that we talked about concerning my case. This alone was very comforting, knowing that my money was being applied for a good cause. Upon terminating my services, he immediately refunded my remaining retainer and included an appreciation letter. He has my highest recommendation.