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Ted Harvatin

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tom

    34 years of revocation

    After many disappointing experiences with the Illinois Sec. of State starting back in 1981, I found it to be extremely draining and caused too much unwarranted depression and anguish for me to contend with. I had contacted Harvatin Law Offices 7 years earlier but never followed through until one day, I found the brochure that he'd sent me in a drawer and decided to contact him again. I had e-mailed him complaining about illegal aliens receiving drivers licenses (as if illegals have driving records from their native lands?) and his retort was of sarcastic humor that intrigued me. As I followed through on my situation and completed all the necessary documentation that was to be provided to the Sec. of State's Office, I just "let it roll" and hoped. As the matter was being processed, Ted had given me a sense of confidence that he would finally resolve my license issue(s). Then one day - several months after submitting the required documents, his assistant (Rose Painter) called and informed me that I had received clearance. Mr. Harvatin deserves all the credit for getting me through and past this nightmare. I finally feel like a free man after 34 years, because when you lose your driver's license, you unknowingly become a second class citizen. Thanks again Ted!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Awesome Lawyer!

    I would 100 times recommend this lawyer to anyone with license reinstatement issues. Harvatin is extremely responsive to questions and concerns. He answers his email quickly once you are his client. He will prepare with you before the hearing and give you tips. The most important part however, is he will be the person cross examining you during your hearing. The states lawyer will just ask follow up questions. This greatly reduces the number of questions asked. Overall, by far the best lawyer I have ever hired to help me out with a case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by jennifers6


    I attempted to post my 5 star review over a year ago, but for some reason it did not post... The great news is that I still feel the same today!

    HE STILL IS THE ONLY ATTORNEY I WOULD RECOMMEND to represent you in your DUI case! He is extremely trustworthy, and knowledgeable, taking your personal situation in the "process".


  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Shawn

    Looking for an attorney who actually cares?

    If you're looking for an attorney who actually cares about your Mr. Harvatin.

    From my initial consultation, until the reinstatement of my drivers license Mr. Harvatin helped me understand the procedure and kept his word. He methodically worked through the legal process & guided me accordingly.

    After retaining his counsel, his staff was on top of my case. They called, they emailed, they reached out to me and they followed up. I was provided clear direction and was always aware of the next step. He gives you defined timetables and expectations.

    Our case objective was clear from day one. The process worked smoothly. Within months I obtained driving relief. In 15 Months, I obtained a full reinstatement. His pricing is competitive and considering what you get - a bargain. In addition, I found Ted to be easy to speak with. He's down to earth & honest. Overall, my experience with Mr. Harvatin was outstanding. He restored my faith in lawyers and casts a big shadow for other attorneys to follow. Frankly, I don't think most can.

    I am grateful, I am humbled, and I highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ricky

    Out Of State Drivers License Petitioner

    Illinois had revoked my drivers license for a mistake I made as a teenager & I truly felt it was a waste of time trying to battle the system so I waited 17 long years to give it a try. I contacted Mr. Harvatins Law Firm & asked if he thought trying to get my drivers license back was hopeless & he replied "Far from it" which gave me hope! Ted took my case & once the ball got rolling it took about 4 maybe 5 months for the state of Illinois to grant me full reinstatement of my driving privileges with the very first & only out of state petition packet he submitted. I will never forget Rose Painter ( Mr.Harvatins assistant) calling that day saying that I would be able to go get my license...truly 1 of the best days of my life! Harvatin Law Firm has changed my life & I cant Thank them enough for helping me in this matter. I highly recommend anyone that needs a very knowledgeable lawyer that knows exactly how to get the job done right the first time while trying to get their license back needs to contact Mr. Harvatin & his very helpful, caring assistant Rose. Thank you again Mr. Harvatin!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura


    To put it simply, Mr. Harvatin is the BEST!
    Professional and kind. He eased my fears and did everything he could to help me, and that he did.
    Anytime I had a questions he was quick to reply.
    His knowledge of the system and situation was spectacular.
    I forever owe him my grattitude.
    If you are looking for an attorney, do not look any further..unless you want to settle for less than the best.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Excellent Law Firm!

    We have been dealing with Illinois DMV for 4 long months jumping through all their hoops and getting nothing but the run around. Mr Harvatin and his staff member Rose had my issue taken care of within a week and I got my drivers license back. They were professional and wonderful to do business with!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Personable and Professional

    Mr. Harvatin's experience was exemplary!! I worked primarily with his knowledgeable and responsive office staff. I had all of the required paperwork required by the S.of S. beforehand, but they sent me a checklist and reviewed it prior to my pre-hearing consult.

    When I arrived at the office it was apparent that Mr. Harvatin had taken the time to review my information, asked some clarification questions and walked me through a mock hearing. I was resinstated on my first attempt, thanks in no small part to his and his colleagues efforts. It was the best money I spent.

  • 3.0 stars

    Posted by Jacob

    Out of state Dui

    I would recommend this lawyer, but dont expect to hear from the guy at all, I hired him last year to take care of my out of state hearing and not one time did the actual lawyer call me or even talk to me, all i ever heard from was his assistant, if people have to fork out thousands of dollars for a lawyer you would think they would want to speak with their clients directly, another thing was the amount of errors that the firm continued to do, 1. wrong mailing address, had to find out the hard way when my over nite letter didnt arrive overnite, 2 submitting paperwork to the SOS that has not been gone over for mistakes, again had to learn the hard way, that one they didnt even bother telling me had to find out from the SOS that the paperworik was unfinished, 4 week setback and all i got was "it shouldnt effect the outcome" dont expect them to fight for you in any way when it comes to requirments from the SOS, I personally did 2 alhocol education classes for 1 dui and not one time did harvatin law point this out to the SOS they just tell me "you have to do it again" so after 3 dui classes, 3 alcohol evaluations and another year of my license being suspended and about another 3k down the drain I finally recieve my license back I would rate this firm at a low 3 star out of 5, they did however get my license back on the first try, it took a year.

    Ted Harvatin’s response: “The SOS is an administrative agency with rules. The rules can only be bent so far. if in fact this unidentified person had completed DRE twice before, it would be on file with the SOS. When someone moves and fails to inform me of that fact, it's pretty hard to see how that is my fault. I have no idea who this person is, but he seems pretty hard to please. He got his license back on the first try and yet he is still complaining. I was hired to get his license back. I did my job.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    traffic ticket

    The staff is very helpful and intelligent. Response is quick and direct with your alternatives. When a decision is made, they act timely and take care of the problem. I would highly recommend this service for traffic related problems.