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Janice L. Berman

Janice Berman’s client reviews

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  • Janice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Hired Attorney

    Ms. Berman was helpful, knowledgable and patient with all the details in my case. I would recommend her services to any father going through a divorce.

  • Outstanding, knowledgable and personable attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Martina

    I can't find enough words to describe what an amazing proffesional and person this woman is. Honest, understanding and gets things done. I was in a very bitter, long and ugly divorce involving custody and relocation out side illinois with my minor child. Janice was by my side at all time, never let me down or miss led me. Always took my calls, easy to get a hold of and keeps me informed on a daily bases. I was not just a case to her, she actually cares. Her knowledge and expertise grand me and my daughter victory in court although it was an uphill battle and we couldn't be happier. Her staff is equally helpful, knowledgable and absolutely outstanding, huge thank you to Shirley and Lori.
    If you are involved in a divorce/custody proceedings, this is your attorney.

  • Excellent and Trustworthy Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    Janice Berman is an excellent attorney. She is a gem!! She is dedicated, hard working, and loyal. She guided me through my bitter and messy divorce. She was referred by another attorney that was working on my case. I really regret for not meeting her at the beginning of my divorce. In general, people don't know the law and the emotional stress that goes with it. She was my rock to lean on. With her guidance and knowledge I was able to get my family business back from my ex husband. At the height of my divorce before my trial I was sadly to say I had to put my business on the market. With her guidance I am now the sole ownership of my family business.
    She is also very dedicated to her work and works very hard. She did not leave any detail out. This is why I knew she was able to handle my case. She walk through all the details and my paperwork with me. She also found a state pension that my ex husband did not present. I never knew I was entitled to it. She made sure I was under my ex-husband's medical insurance since I have a chronic illness.
    She gave me options for me to choose and I never felt any pressure. She was more like a friend and someone I can trust. Someone I've known for a very long time but very knowledgable and very smart. She was always on top of everything. She returned all my calls promptly and kept me updated throughout the process with emails.
    I have referred Janice to several of my friends and family. It is hard enough to go through a divorce but what is worse for me is the ignorance of what I can do. I felt lost and vulnerable. I had no leverage over my case with my previous attorney. However, when Janice took over my case I saw a big difference. She took a stand and fought for me.
    Soon I felt the opposing attorney lost her focus and her leverage over the case. Janice and I made several attempts to settle the case but my greedy ex-husband demanded more money and turned down our offers.. So Janice came up with the idea to put my business on the market. With that option my ex-husband immediately requested mediation without his attorney's advice. He called me directly without his attorney and arranged a meeting. He wanted to settle the case before the trial. At that point the trial was in two weeks. Maybe it was his attorney's lack of experience. But I really have to give Janice the credit it was really her idea. We settled and my ex-husband ended up with way less than he orginally requested. We dissolved the marriage and the trial was not presented before the judge.
    Janice did her best to motion the opposing attorney to speed up the process. This is the part I love about her. She never gave me the impression she wanted to prolong my case to make extra money. She was always fair and informative with her decisions on my case. She didn't waste my time.

    I consider Janice one of the best and I am very lucky to have found her. In the future, I will always refer Janice to anyone who will need an attorney. But most importantly she helped me secure my business and my future. She made all this happen for me and I am truly grateful. Best of all I found a friend who can give me legal advice with no hidden agenda. Plus, she has great staff and Shirley you are the best!!!!

  • The attorney that really cares and is very straight forward!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jackie

    As a woman who had to go through a divorce after 25 years I did what everyone told me to do, i cunsulted several attorneys to help me through one of the most unexpected and difficult times of my life. What I discovered during this process was just how intimidating this can be. I met with 6 different attorneys in making my choice and was amazed how many wanted to turn an ugly situation even uglier! Then I met Janet Berman, referred to my by both my social worker and a friend! Wow, this was the first attorney to not only talk to me in a straight forward honest way, but mostly she wasn't out to leave myself or my ex broke!!! I can be a pretty emotional person and add an unwanted divorce to that and it's not always easy to handle. This was one of the things Janice was really good with, reminding me that EVERY divorce is different and she was working FOR me and not to worry. Now a year and a half later, my life is exactly as Janice told me it would be the first time I met her, not much differnt than before, only a whole lot better!!! I then immediately hired her to do a trust for me to protect my children's furures. Janice Berman was a gift in my life at one of the hardest times ever and I would recommend her, and have to everyone I know. Oh, and her office staff is the best ever!!!! They were just as wonderful as Janice herself!!!

  • Beyond Awesome Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Debora

    I first retained Janice in 2011. I filed for divorce, custody, and a child support order. Janice obtained everything I was asking for and than some. I was so pleased with the outcome. This was a little more difficult being that my husband had moved to a different state. More paperwork extended court time due to his travel.
    Eighteen months later he was very behind in his child support payments. I contacted the state continuously with no avail. For eight months straight they told me he was not employed with the company. I knew for a fact he was. I became frustrated and contacted Janice once again. Within a few days she had narrowed down his exact work address. She went down the chain of command starting with his corporate office. She immediately contacted his work sent them my child support order, and the money started coming in. I was so relieved after hours, days, and months of arguing with the state. We were back in court within a month.(Due to him being out of state the law allows extra time) It turned out his income had increased significantly. Of course Janice doubled my child support order.
    Flash forward to last year. Once again he was behind significantly. I decided to try my hand in court myself. I filed all the paper work, and had him served. I patiently waited for my day in court. As soon as my ex got the orders he hired a hot shot attorney of his own. He also argued for custody. I received a call from his attorney(who was verbally abusive) I called Janice the next day in tears. She agreed it would be best if we worked together. The date was set and we went to court. I was so nervous, and her attitude was I get your upset, but I got this! She sure shocked me! His attorney went in there acting like he owned the world! Within minutes Janice put him in his place. I was immediately at ease. Once again she came through for me. We had numerous court dates because his attorney kept arguing for different things. Every time Janice shut him down. In the end my child support was increased again. There was additional amounts for arrears. Janice also worked her magic and found out he was hiding stocks, and a 401k. She argued I was entitled to all of it, and I got it. I also received his tax return. This is way more than the state could do. In the end he dropped the custody part. I'm not sure how Janice works her magic, But I am sure she is awesome! We are now through with court. I hope I don't need an attorney anytime soon, but if I do Janice is my first choice! She has always gone above, and beyond. She is easy to talk to. She was always up front and honest with me. She has never lied or sugar coated anything. I would also like to say that she found additional resources for my children. This was so helpful on many levels. I will forever be greatful to Janice for everything she has done for myself and my children.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I had high hopes when I first met Janice, she seemed knowledgeable, fierce and friendly at the same time. Little did i realize, she was not in this case for my best interest. She did not keep me informed of decisions that her and the opposing attorney made without my knowledge after previously discussing a completely different settlement with me in my divorce case. She informed me that my ex had contested my divorce (we were originally in an uncontested case) when he actually did nothing like this, as I later found out. This caused us months of extra deliberation to figure out what had happened. She later on dropped my case, in which the opposing attorney actually fought her on, accusing her of deliberately delaying our case and causing increased cost and grief. The discussions I had with her and the opposing attorney had regarding her dropping the case were all added to my bill, costing me over $2,000 and, since she dropped my case, making me find another attorney to clean up her mess. She delayed the proceedings in every possible way just to make an extra buck. I would not recommend her to anyone, even in the simplest of divorce cases, she found a way to make it complicated and expensive, when all you really want is a resolution that is fair.

    Janice L. Berman’s response: “I am sad that Lisa was so unhappy with how her case was handled. There are certain clients that all divorce lawyers come across that become so vindictive and angry at their spouse and consumed by the need to seek revenge that they cannot accept the advice given to them. Thus, as Lisa mentioned I elected to withdraw as her lawyer or "drop" her case as she says. Had I truly been driven by the desire to run up her bill then I suppose the smart move would have been to not "drop" her case. I have offered her the opportunity to meet with me at any time to share her thoughts to help me learn where she thinks I failed her. I also wish her the best moving on and letting go.”
  • Awesome Divorce/Family Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    I would like to thank Janice so much for making the process so seamless and stress free in an already stressful situation. Because of my personal situation, it took me a bit to gather my finances, but Janice still had all the notes from my consult 9 months earlier. Because I'm a busy bee she was very flexible and e-mailed most communications for me. Which was wonderful because being the single working mom of three small kids is no walk in the park. Not much time for actual phone conversations these days.

    Multiple members of my family have used Janice for their legal family matters and all have been very happy.

  • Top-Shelf Legal Team

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tiffany

    Excellent advice, firm but not pushy. Very knowledgeable...and Trustworthy!!! We had a refund coming and it was in the mail before its request.

    I give Janice Berman my highest recommendation.

  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Janice Berman was fantastic as my divorce attorney.
    She was always very responsive during this stressful time frame. I also needed to reach out to her over a year later for additional advice and once again, very responsive and negotiated a favorable outcome.
    I felt she represented me well and her advice and guidance were instrumental in negotiating a fair settlement for both parties. She kept the process moving along. I would recommend her strongly to anyone needing a hardworking, intelligent and caring attorney that will ensure that you get desired results. So pleased with her work and efforts.

  • Review for Janice L. Berman

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Janice was not just a lawyer for me and my family, she was someone that we could trust and someone that finally actually fought for us. She opened my eyes to more matters that needed to be addressed throughout my case, kept me well informed, did her best to truly understand my situation, and argued based off of what I wanted and felt was best. I would definitely recommend her. And coming from someone that has had to deal with her share of lawyers, that means a lot.