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Ralla D. Klepak

Ralla Klepak’s client reviews

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    Posted by a Divorce client

    My Experience with Ms. Klepak

    I was married to a wonderful woman who was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer only 4 months after our marriage was celebrated. I came from Europe for love and that event truly was one of the most painful that may occur to a newly married couple. Unfortunately, her end of life became more and more probable to happen sometime in the near future. Ms. Klepak was hired by my former wife’s parents who convinced their daughter to divorce me in an attempt to obtain everything my ex wife would have left back. Ms. Klepak agreed to help my former in-laws and stated absurd falsities against me. She stated that my marriage was a “scam” and that I had married my former wife to “gain” entrance in the United States.

    Fortunately, I am wise man and I demonstrated to immigration that my marriage was one of the most authentic and sincere ones you can find in these days. I am a lawful permanent resident, a successful student, and a good worker and these are facts that truly oppose the accusations that Ms. Klepak directed to me through the slandering approach she adopted during the divorce I was forced to face. Because of the feeling I had for my former wife, I finally granted the divorce she, under the total influence of her parents, wanted and walked away. At the very end, all I desired was being part of an ethical family where the respect of the family members has to be primordial; I did not certainly find myself in such a place. Five months later I learned my former wife passed away for complications linked to her cancer. I cried and felt horrible, but it only reinforced my opinion on why that marriage needed to be dissolved ASAP: financial interests.

    Today I am a stronger, better, and more experienced man. I know I will be in love again and ready to bear children with morality. I am more than cognizant that I could not have had this with my ex. At this point, I have only two things to say:

    1. Ms. Klepak, remember that life on earth will transition in something much greater; you will be called to provide an account on the choices you make within your professional field.
    2. Mr. and Mrs. Devens, (ex-wife parents,) now that you have gotten the material goods your daughter has left back but have lost her and the person who slept with her during the time of her disease and whom, as a husband, may comment the most about who your daughter was, are you fulfilled?

    I have concluded. May the Lord repay us all back, based on his judgments and forgiveness.



  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ruth Emmy

    A woman who cares

    She accepted my case when others said I was a loser and would not take my case because I had no ability to pay her being out of work. She said she did not like injustice and that I deserved to have representation so my children could grow up with a good role model and not be lost in an already difficult world. We won and the children think she is their Angel.