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Matthew Douglas Lango

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  • Can someone tell me where i can find a template/ format for a employee file request,from my past employer?

    I was physically assulted by owner ,i pressed charges, then was fired while on doctor's request. Wrongful Termination for retaliation, medical&whistle blwing,etc..........etc.. FYI ..i need a lawyer an can't afford one .

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    You can request a copy of your file pursuant to the Illinois Personnel Records Review Act (820 ILCS 40/1, et seq.). If the employer fails to provide it, you can file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor (

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  • Do I need an attorney to review an employment agreement?

    I just received an Employment contract for a position I just took with my company. It is very involved and I believe I need a lawyer to review it. Not sure where to start or where to find the right kind of lawyer?

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    Agreed with the other responses that you should find an experienced employment attorney. I recommend the Illinois Chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association ( You may be able to find a good attorney in your area.

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  • Is it legal for an employer to change the employee manual in the middle of the year

    The employer gets upset during payroll time and now he is saying hes changing all of our vacation days and sick days to less ,when we have already received the manual directly from the lawyer. Is this legal?

    Matthew’s Answer

    If the employer tries to use a change in policy to retroactively take away vacation time that has already been earned and accrued, then you may have a claim against the employer under the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act. However, if the employer has only changed the policy with respect to vacation time going forward, then it is unlikely that you would have a claim.

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