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Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Kevin Dixler’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Alfred

    Immigration dificulty for my wife.

    My wife was detained up on arrival from Brazil by Us Custom People in Detroit Airport.
    She was forced to return to her country. I contacted Mr.Kevin Dixler to help me with this problem.
    Mr. Dixler went right away to work and assist me with this situation.
    I am very grateful and happy to have met Mr Dixler to solve my fiasco .

    Thank you Alfred

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Perfect lawyer to help you though the Immigration process

    I came across Mr Dixler through AVVO, having read reviews of several Immigration lawyers on this site and other sources. I found Mr Dixler to be focused and attentive, empathetic to my concerns, and clearly picked up the key issue that needed to be addressed. He listened to my concerns on an issue I had from several years ago, and was able to identify and correct some bad information in my file. He was excellent at describing the Immigration process at every stage: he could describe each stage as we progressed, and the likely outcome, and so prepared me for what we would need to do and the costs involved so there were no surprises. At my interview, he demonstrated a good rapport with the Immigration officials: it's clear they have a lot of respect for him and his professional yet no-nonsense business manner. After my interview, he followed up in a timely manner with Immigration, and kept me updated on what he was doing on my behalf. He was a true champion of my cause, and because of him I am a proud, grateful and humble American citizen.
    Thank you, Mr Dixler.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel and Christin Graham

    Great Job!

    Mr. Dixler and his assistant were both very helpful in helping my wife obtain her green card. I highly reccomend Mr. Dixler for any immigration needs--simple or complex. He really knows his stuff which inspires confidence. Also, he bought us coffee after our immigration interview!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client


    Immigration laws are really tricky and almost impossible to understand them all, even if you try to self educate yourself in this field, we, as potential permanent or temporary Immigrant, don't have the required experience.
    Thinking that I could overcome immigration issues myself took way far away from what I was intending and made my case over complicated, which put my family and I in a very uncomfortable position.
    Mr. Dixler accepted to take my case about two years ago.
    When he was fully aware of the case, he made it clear to me that it would be complicated, which was proven right.
    I had all the issues an immigrant can face, plus I was abroad and trying to get back here and lead my life with my wife decently , but the Immigration and their officials didn't have the same plan for me nor my family.
    Mr. Dixler fought each time and always found a way to defend me and counter attack, it took very long and it's still taking time, as I'm writing this, but during this period of time he proved some qualities that I really appreciate, such as determination, patience and composure.
    He is in fact knowledgeable of the law, he is part of a famous immigration association and also has a rich blog on the web, which I found myself.
    There was a little latency when he first took my case but his response got much quicker as he got more familiar with my case .
    In my case he needed to be paid in advance before starting a new application, which is understandable, the advantage is that he accepts many ways of payments, which made it easier from a foreign country.
    He kept me informed of the progress of my case instantly as he was updated, which is really good because he understands our frustration and impatience at times.
    I went for an overall rating of excellent because he deserves it at the end, I would recommend him to any person seeking immigration to the US or to stay legally in the US.
    I also recommend strongly as my experience permit to take a lawyer at the first second guessing because the consequences of no action can be life devastating and I know what I am talking about.
    Do Not Hesitate to hire an immigration attorney, that would be my advice and Mr. Dixler would be an excellent choice.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Hector

    Solved my case when many could'nt

    I came across Mr. Dixler’s practice about 8 months ago. After actively seeking immigration representation for the last 10 years only finding scammer lawyers and false promises, I had become cynical about the whole system. After putting up with my last lawyer who I can summarize as unenergetic and ineffective, he usually had 10 minutes to discuss my case and after that would become irritable and his hints to get me to leave his office would begin. A friend urged me to look elsewhere and after a practical emotional breakdown, I decided I had to seek answers from another source.
    Mr. Dixler eats breathes and sleeps immigration law. This is not just a job for him.He has contacts. He reads articles. Goes to immigration conferences. IN 30 MINUTES HE FOUND AN IMPORTANT DOCUMENT MY PREVIOUS LAWYER FAILED FIND IN 5 MONTHS!!! After that moment I knew Mr. Dixler was the real deal. He is not afraid to spend 3 hours looking at every possible road. His first consultation is not free but be aware from experience that bargain first consultation lawyers produce BARGAIN results! In the end I can say his fees were very reasonable.
    I encourage you to invest in this important matter with him. I tell you this. I contacted about 10 lawyers on a Saturday through email. Mr. Dixler was the first to get back to me on a Sunday. Very dedicated and responsive. If it was not for him I would still be undocumented. In 6 months I received my work permit. In less than a year I am a PERMANENT RESIDENT. He changed my life and I cannot thank him and his assistant enough. Thanks to you too Gazella!! This positive review is the least I can do.
    I learned this the hard way with my previous lawyers ; A Bar Diploma on the wall does not equal competence. If you are currently questioning your current legal representation, please Call Kevin!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Liz

    Helped us quickly & efficiently!

    After 3 years of wrangling with Immigration issues, we contacted Mr. Dixler to assist us in obtaining my husband's visa. I was heavily pregnant at the time, and we were extremely worried that my husband was about to be deported due to his visa being denied. He was told he would have to leave the USA within 90 days or risk permanent deportation.

    Mr. Dixler was able to delay that decision, and then sent in an entirely new application on our behalf. He and his paralegal were efficient and knowledgeable, and were able to give us a very concise list of documents we would require. What took me 3 years of hard work took them less than 6 months from beginning to end! I wish we had met Mr. Dixler years ago, it would have saved us a LOT of time, money, and stress!! We received our interview with the USCIS only 4 months after meeting Kevin, and the final decision to give my husband a permanent resident visa was made 6 weeks later.

    We cannot express enough how grateful we are to have met Mr. Dixler, and we would highly recommend him to anyone with Immigration worries. He really knows his stuff, and could quote you specific laws and cases regarding immigration. Although he occasionally talked a lot, it didn't bother us because we knew he was working his hardest to get our visa. If you need to cut through all the legal red-tape involved in obtaining a visa, you can't go wrong with Kevin Dixler.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by David


    Kevin helped us with a case where they said that our daughter was too old at the time of her adjustment of status(referred to as aged-out) and that she would have to return to her country. After speaking with Kevin Dixler we decided to hire him to take the case on. Kevin immediately dove in with both feet! He found several other similar cases with one in particular being fairly recent. He showed us that the term aged-out should only be considered and used against the time that our daughter entered the country and not at the time of her actual interview. With all of the work and proof that Kevin supplied our daughter was granted her permanent residence. It is boldness along with true hard work that all of this is possible and it really sets the standard for others going through similar situations. We are eternally greatful!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Franklin F. Sanchez

    Respectful and Knowledgeable Attorney. One of the best Attorney's in Chicago.

    Mr. Dixler is an outstanding immigration lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone. My case was very complex, and we had a lot at stake. We followed Mr. Dixler's advice and guidance, and now I am a proud citizen of this nation.

    USCIS made several mistakes while processing my “Removal of Conditional Status Application", form I-751. Unfortunately, these issues did not surface until I applied for naturalization, form N-400, several years later. Due to their lack of understanding of the immigration law and inefficiency, I was wrongly accused of misrepresentation. Consequently, USCIS challenged my previously approved permanent resident status indicating that it "must be terminated".

    Following Mr. Dixler's lead, we sued USCIS and were looking forward to bringing up the case to the Federal Courts. We wanted to create a precedent. However, after receiving the lawsuit, USCIS decided to reopen my naturalization case, and within a few weeks approved my naturalization application. Unfortunately, we were not able to set a precedent since USCIS settled after being presented with the case. Our case did not reach the courts.

    Mr. Dixler is a brilliant attorney with an outstanding understanding of the immigration law. He is diligent, promptly returns phone calls, and provides regular updates.

    My wife and I can’t thank you enough, Mr. Dixler.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Great Immigration Lawyer

    I hired Kevin to file the I-130 and I-485 for my fiance. Both Kevin and his legal assistant were very informative and helpful from the beginning of the process, when we prepared to file the documents, up until my wife was approved. Any questions or concerns were explained in a way we both could understand. Kevin was recommended to me from a friend who used him several years ago. I am writing this review today to recommend Kevin to anyone who is thinking of hiring a Immigration Lawyer.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by V & M

    Profesional, Knowledgeable, Caring, Respected by his colleagues.

    Highly recomended, very skillful, we had an extreme and complicated case but yet with his help today we are U.S. cityzens. I admired his knowledge, boldness, passion and tenacity.Very grateful. ,THANK YOU Mr Dixler!!!!!!!