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Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Kevin Dixler’s Legal Guides

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  • Edinburgh, Scotland -Report of Birth to U.S. Citizen in Scotland & Derivative U.S. Citizenship Issue

    The Consulate General, Edinburgh provides services to residents of Scotland. This is an adaptation of the information provided at the website. If the parent of a U. S. Citizen resides in England or Wales, then they must apply at the U. S. Embassy in London. If parents are U.S...

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  • Immigration Advocacy: Don't Use the "I Word" to Describe Your Status, No One Is 'illegal!'

    The media often misuse the words "amnesty" and "illegal." These words are often viewed as negative and offensive. In politics, the word "amnesty" to describe immigration proposals can doom it from the beginning! The media too often desensitizes the public. The media unreasonably ...

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  • K-2 Children of Fiance No Longer Age Out at 21 y.o.! Matter of Hieu Trung LE

    Congratulations Lisa York on Matter of Hieu Trung LE! Those who turned 21 before K-2 Adjustment and were denied adjustment should contact an experienced Immigration Attorney. This helps an untold number of K-2 visa holders who remained in the U.S. in spite of the situation. The...

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  • Is There an Obama Immigration Amnesty? Why the Television News is Wrong.

    The simple answer is no. It is a Morton Memo attemptsto control an overcrowded deportation court. Actually, thereneverwas a true immigration amnesty in U.S. History. Programs called Legalization and Registration disqualified many applicants, as well. Unfortunately, a few immigrat...

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  • Obama's Deferred Action: When to Hire Counsel - An Update 7/6/2012

    There is much excitement around President Obama's June 15 deferred action announcement. Some lawyers and those engaged in the questionable practice of law are advertising this fact, hoping to attract new clients. Today, the Obama Administrationcancelled a teleconference schedul...

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  • What is the AAO? "Official AAO Processing Times" and what do these mean?

    The Administrative Appeals Office (known as the AAO) handles appeals of certain U.S.C.I.S. Decisions. The reasons for review can be both factual and legal.In some situations, this office is as far as you can go with review, so it is best to have an attorney review to see if an...

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