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Kevin Lawrence Dixler

Kevin Dixler’s Legal Guides

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  • The Top Ten Reasons Why Lawful Permanent Residents Get Sent to Immigration Court

    An Aggravated Felony for Immigration Purposes If you do the crime, and you end up with time, then it is easier to be denied all relief. This reason is usually the really messy one, but the DHS has t

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  • The Top Ten Places 'Where' Lawful Permanent Residents Get Sent to Immigration Court

    The Correctional Center (aka Jail) Yes, if you are arrested, even if not convicted, but have decided to extend your vacation indefinitely, then you have given ICE a reason to put a freeze upon you (a

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  • When a Permanent Resident Who Wants to File for Citizenship Really Must Contact an Attorney

    Have you ever been arrested or charged for a crime? If you forget to include an arrest or something that appears on an arrest record, then the USCIS may consider this a lie, which is a reason to deny

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  • Flat Fees vs. Appointment Fees: Immigration Lawyer Fees Explained

    What Absolute Assurances are there that a Flat Fee is All that a Client Will Pay an Attorney? None! An immigration attorney cannot tell you with absolute assurance the exact attorney fees 'without ta

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  • When Should I Reconsider Naturalization/Citizenship and Contact an Immigration Attorney

    Have I Ever been Arrested of a Crime? If you are arrested, then you must disclose the arrest. If you lie, then DHS can deny naturalization. You must tell the truth or you can be denied. However, i

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  • The Ultimate Clash: The B-2 Visitor Visa; Should I stay or should I go?

    Why did I come to the U.S.? A B-2 tourist visa is used to tour the United States and/or visit U.S. resident family and/or friends. What should I avoid doing while in the U.S.? You must not be employe

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