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Debra Levine’s client reviews

     2.5 stars 9 total

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  • Grateful client

    1.0 star

    Posted by Irene

    I would have to beg Debra to write and file motions and answers in a timely manner and she would say that she doesn't have to, she can just do an oral argument. Unfortunately, most of the time, she doesn't
    know what's going on. So I would come down to her office a day before the deadline and dictate her what to write. Three hours later, we would have a document that looked like something you pulled out of a toilet, chuck full of spelling errors. One time, a day before the deadline, Debra was busy taking care of her personal issues ( going to the bank, getting dinner, staring into space) so she asked a young man who
    just joined her office (Rufus) and knew nothing about my case to draft the motion. I was so excited because that was the only document that came out of that office that looked like it was written by a grown up. Speaking of her office, in early 2014 it was like a grand central station. A bunch of random people coming and going, no one having any knowledge about your case. That all changed in the summer when Debra's longtime receptionist Gabby, left and took every one with her, because they were her family. Eight times out of ten, I would come by the office and find Debra on the couch, sometimes with take out food on top of her, sometimes not. She would complain of a migraine or a hangover.
    Client's files would be commingled and strewn all over her desk and the floor. She would explain that she was organizing.
    I recommend Debra Levine highly if you are looking for someone who doesn't know what's going on, what day it is, what planet we are on and is willing to run your case into the ground.

  • Child Support gone Wrong

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tony

    Stay away from Mrs Levine. I believe right now the law offices is incapable of practicing law. I hired Mrs Levine in March of 2014 and received no communication from her for 3 months. All communication was initiated by me and I spent 95% of the time only speaking with her secretary. No return calls, No Status Updates, No emails. This went on for 6 months until I finally hired another lawyer who handled my case for less than 25% of the cost. Never received my retainer back from Mrs. Levine. Ended up filing with the ARDC and the Better Business Bureau. It's such a shame that one would risk their reputation over such little money ($1000+). My advice is to see another lawyer while she sorts out the internal turmoil that is occurring in her offices. This is actually the first time that I have ever written a review about any business. I was reluctant to do this, but hope that I can prevent someone else from having the same unfortunate experience. Hope this helps

  • Debra Levine is awful. Do not hire her.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    Hello - Attorney Levine has SEVERAL complaints against her. She is under investigation. If she owes you money and has provided little to no service, if you have called and called and called only to NEVER receive a response, do not hesitate to contact the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) of the Supreme Court of Illinois. Complete the Request for Investigation forms and submit via fax or email. You can also report her to the Better Business Bureau of Chicago. I have done both. I learned quite a bit about Attorney Levine after speaking with the ARDC today and none of it was good. I hope this helps someone.

    I have paid Attorney Levine for a bankruptcy. I have called her repeatedly, she does not return calls. I finally got her on the phone two weeks ago and set an appointment with her, the day of the appointment she did not show up nor did she call me to explain that she would not come to the office. I am ready to move forward but I cannot because it has been impossible to get answers from her. She has so many excuses - her staff walked out on her, she woke up with a sore throat, she's in a meeting and will call you back. Her website has been offline for months so you cannot email her and she is rarely in her office. I've asked for my money back and she has told me twice, that she won't be in the office long or that she's just walking out the door.

  • Does Not Care About Your Case, Will Not Return Your Calls! DO NOT HIRE!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Matthew

    I attempted to retain Ms. Levine's services to handle a simple request (change of venue for a child support case)

    Not once did Ms. Levine express that she had no interest in helping me or that she couldn't help me; she requested I send supporting information and a synopsis of my request to her email so that she could look at the information and consider my situation.

    I complied with this; it took about 45 minutes or so to write a very detailed email and review/attach appropriate paperwork. I had expected to hear back from Ms. Levine the following day or so regarding my case and what could/couldn't be done to resolve my situation. Keep in mind, this was working on a compressed timeline of just under 2 weeks; circumstances had arisen that left me with the need for a lawyer where I had previously not needed one.

    That initial phone call was the last I heard from Ms. Levin via phone, email, or otherwise. She continued to ignore me and my attempts to contact her for days. To this day, one day before my scheduled court hearing, I have not heard back from Ms. Levine, but have sent her several emails as well as phone messages with her secretary.

    Debra Levine doesn't care about your problems, and she doesn't have the fortitude to tell you she doesn't want to help you with your case....apparently, she would rather just ignore you until it's too late for you to find representation elsewhere.

    I am now completely at a loss and vulnerable because I attempted to put my trust into Ms. Levine and her services.

    If she can't even tell someone if she will/will not work on their case, how can you trust her to represent you?


  • Huge help in family law! Made my case simple and understanding!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    After a divorce and some hard times, Debra helped me understand the law and put me through to the path to a successful case. All the positive reviews stand true. After managing the court system like the pro she is, I'm back on my feet and her help will guide me in the future

  • The Worst Service Ever - DO NOT RETAIN THIS LAWYER

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Child Support client

    Debra Levine is no longer capable of maintaining/running a practice. I met with her in January of 2014 and retained the firm to represent me in a family law matter. To date, Ms. Levine has failed to uphold the agreement we signed, she is not accessible via phone/email and does not respond to messages left with reception. She does not put the needs of her clients above her own and continuously makes excuses for her inability to do her job.

    Debra and her team does not respond to repeated attempts made to discuss my case.
    The motion prepared and filed was done so in the incorrect statue/code.
    Debra failed to prepare for a hearing set and requested a continuance which was denied again due to her failure to respond/act in a timely manner.
    Debra was to appear to present another motion filed on my behalf and did not show, nor did she return any calls or even reach out to me to explain not being there.
    After being a NO SHOW, I stopped by the office to request an invoice, Debra complained that I would stop by without an appointment and refused to provide an invoice (despite the court no show).
    She claims my retainer has been used up despite the fact that my case is no closer to a resolution than in January when I retained Debra.
    I made an appointment to obtain an invoice and upon arrival Debra did not know how to navigate the system to print an invoice, no one on staff knew, and again many excuses were made as to why an invoice had not been prepared despite being on the calendar to get the invoice. She also claimed the retainer was all used up as indicated by a green sticker on the file. No one knows who put the sticker there.
    She refuses to refund the retainer, despite not responding to various attempts to contact her, preparing legally insufficient motions, showing up 45 minutes late to court, and missing dates entirely.
    I now have to wait until November just to get in front of the judge again (which I will do so with hopefully a competent client focused attorney).

    This woman has been a nightmare, a complete waste of time and money. She refuses to take responsibility for her actions and the actions of those she employs. I would never recommend her and to date, still waiting on that invoice to justify the green sticker on my file.

  • debbie

    4.0 stars

    Posted by peter

    Debra made an unpleasant process/situation much more bearable. She was very knowledgeable and treated us with dignity and respect. She always kept it real. I will not hesitate to recommend her and in fact already have done so several times.

  • Bankruptcy lawyer Debra Levine

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Margarita

    Debra Vorhies Levine was a great help during my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She made the process as smooth and painless as possible. She is a lawyer I would highly recommend.

  • A Lifesaver for Tough Times!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David Welte

    Debra was a lifesaver for my wife and I when I had a business failure that could have caused us continued pain and anguish for years. Her expertise and ability to help us throughout the bankruptcy process, keeping us informed, and showing us how to improve our lives after living through this nightmare was a great relief and lessened the pain and stress of the overall experience. If I ever had an issue in this area, Debra would be my first and only call. She was great throughout the ordeal!