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  • Can I still get workers comp to pay if I have a second opinion?

    I was injured at work used workers comp doctor and was told they couldn't do anything for me (back injury) I want to get a second opinion. If the second opinion says it can be fixed can I get workmans comp to pay for it. I do understand that i hav...

    Charles’s Answer

    The VERY short answer is yes. That said, to accomplish your goal, you will need to have a solid causation opinion from the doctor and you will need to hire an experienced Worker's Compensation attorney to file a claim and proceed to hearing before the Board Member assigned to your case.

    If you intend to take any action, it is imperative that you do so as soon as possible.

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  • I was hurt in IL cont. was from OH, and had no IL wc ins, my atty sent a sett demand how long do they decide to pay or trial???

    i was hurt in IL the contractor was from OH and had OH work comp ins, but not IL ins, they tried to make it a oh case but it was made a IL comp case, i have not got any TTD, no pay for my surgery, or scripts, or any dr bills have been paid, I do h...

    Charles’s Answer

    Your attorney could have and should have filed a Motion for Immediate Hearing. AT A MINIMUM, he needs to immediately file a Penalty Petition. The statute imposes penalties for late payment of benefits. The contractor has little or nothing to say about payment.

    How much time did you miss? What is the explanation for non-payment of medical bills? Are you certain that all of your medical bills were properly submitted to the insurance carrier? Under Illinois law, the providers are entitled to 1% per month interest on unpaid medical bills after 30 days.

    At this juncture, it is VERY unlikely that your attorney intends to file an emergency motion. You really NEED to sit down with your attorney and learn what he intends to do. If he does nothing, the case will just sit there for 3 years (from the date it was filed) before it is set for trial.

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  • My car was towed I believe illegally, what can I do?

    I parked in a lot where there was a subway that I planned to go to after I went into another store, (among other stores) I walked across the street and returned 5 minutes later or less to witness my car being towed and the man did not stop. the si...

    Charles’s Answer

    So, you did NOT get a ticket, right? As I understand, you are upset because your car was towed at your expense.

    If this is the case, there is nothing to fight. You were NOT a patron of Subway at the time your car was towed or it would not have been towed. You say that the signage was clear. Why would you think it is a good idea to throw good money after bad to litigate a lost cause?

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  • Workman compantion

    Ok got a Lawyer an am getting my ttd check. When should i settle in my case .for my injuries an still need back surgery

    Charles’s Answer

    You HIRED an attorney. Your attorney should be telling you that you CANNOT settle the claim until you are at MMI (maximum medical improvement). That cannot happen until you have recovered from your back surgery which hasn't even been scheduled.

    SIT DOWN with your attorney to discuss the system and procedure of WC claims. If your attorney refuses, you may need another attorney.

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  • What info does a LEO have to provide in making a traffic stop for speeding, and what if the info he provided is false?

    I was pulled over today in Ohio, while traveling home to Indiana. After asking for my documents, he informed me that I would be cited for a moving citation of 83 in a 70 zone. I KNOW FOR A FACT (but obviously cannot prove it) that I was not going...

    Charles’s Answer

    There is no conspiracy to tag you by the Ohio State Police. You need to hire an attorney in the County where the ticket was issued ASAP. That is the best chance to keep the violation off of your record.

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  • My grandson is on probation in the state of Indiana. And know he got a dui in the state of Illinois. He has no drivers license

    His license is suspended from his offense in IN what can he expect to happen in IL. and do they notify IN about this offense?

    Charles’s Answer

    You don't fully understand. Your grandson is charged with at least TWO Misdemeanors in Illinois (perhaps 3) Assuming he has an Indiana Driver's License, this is what he is facing in Illinois:

    1.) DUI
    2.) Driving While Suspended - Prior Offense
    3.) Driving without Insurance

    AND in Indiana:

    1.) Probation Violation (at a minimum)

    Your grandson needs a traffic / DUI attorney in Illinois AND a traffic attorney in Indiana. This is EXTREMELY serious. Accumulating 3 major offenses (e.g. DUI, Driving While Suspended, Reckless Driving) in 10 years gets you classified as an Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV) and can result in the loss of driving privileges for a MINIMUM of 5 YEARS.

    This is NOT to be taken lightly. He would be best served by an attorney familiar with both Indiana and Illinois traffic law. Good luck.

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  • I had a complex case that was finally dismissed in IL after 14 months.

    I really want to sue this cop, but i havent found anyone to take the case yet. The case was dismissed and I feel i was wrongfully arrested! Can i file a lawsuit pro se from out of state? Would i have to ever show up in person? I can not go down wi...

    Charles’s Answer

    If you spent "thousands of dollars" in attorney fees and your case is dismissed, don't you think your attorney owes you an explanation, including the answers to your questions?

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  • How long do you have to report a car accident that you were the passenger in?

    I was in a car accident on my way to work. But I was the passenger. The other driver hit our car from behind. While our car was on breaks because the traffic was at a complete stop.

    Charles’s Answer

    IF YOU WERE INJURED, seek appropriate medical care ASAP and hire an attorney. You have 2 years to file but waiting even 2 weeks can gut your claim. If you were not injured, it doesn't matter.

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  • Can I get this done in time, my personal injury attorney unethically dropped my case 2 months before the statue runs out?

    Reading advice here on the website I recently cornered my attorney into providing me with my file. He wouldn't return my calls or emails, so I did as advised here and asked to set up an appointment to see my file. It was at this time that he sudd...

    Charles’s Answer

    It ALL depends on the injuries. If they are very minor and/or you had had little or no medical care, it really doesn't matter because you're never going to get much money. If you DO have a significant injury, you MUST hire counsel ASAP. If the case is not filed, your attorney CANNOT "withdraw" because there is no Appearance. he is simply no longer representing you. It is not necessarily unethical to terminate your representation with a client.

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  • Please provide a list of Federal Employees compensation lawyers

    I have had carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel surgery radial tunnelhat I never received an impairment rating for. Also I had an ankle injury at work, and workman's comp did not approve the claim because I was seen by a Physicians Assitant. 2 years late...

    Charles’s Answer

    Do an internet search for "FECA attorney Indianapolis" You can hire an attorney in any state to handle one of these claims. Just realize that unlike state claims, you will need to pay your attorney a retainer, up front. Typically $3,500 - $5,000 which they will bill against and which will have to be replenished when the funds fall below a certain level.

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