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Scott Shell

Scott Shell’s client reviews

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  • Honest, Ethical, Dedicated

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chad

    Attorney Shell is one of the most honest, ethical and dedicated professionals in the industry. I'm impressed with his insight and family law expertise. I'm glad he's on my side!

  • Scott Shell from office of Jefferey Leving Ethics Questions

    1.0 star

    Posted by Todd

    Mr. Shell was very encouraging during my initial consultation at Jefferey Leving offices. He suggested I was in a good position to gain custody, recommended I remain in the marital home and most of all, was very comfortable litigating in Lake County. He explained that the retainer would be a little more due to travel. As the case progressed he prepared a lot of pleadings that were never entered. When asked about it he gave excuses about how they were no longer appropriate etc. Then after pursuing a custody evaluation over the summer. He contacted me on the day before I was to be in court and made 3 recomendations that I should present in court. He then tells me that he must withdraw from the case. So when asked if he was going to do that tomorrow, He explaine that I would need to waive his notice required. I asked him to request thoes items he recommended and then he can withdraw. He said "but if I do that the juddge won't let me out of the case. I said that was for hime to figure out. Please make these pleadings. He refused and the judge said he is going to grant this to him whether I agree or not. I have heard that this is quite typical of Jefferey Leving to acceptt a case, drive up the bill then drop the client and sue for fees. I asked countless times in the first month for a bill to gauge the costs. I asked Mr. Shell, as well as several pople in the billing department. They did not send a bill until it it was over $10,000. Well past my retainer, then waited until day before my court appearance to drop me. This will likely be adressed with the bar association since he made reocmendations then refused to enact them, and instead withdrew without proper notice.