Michael David Elkin

Michael David Elkin

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Innocence must be presumed.  No matter how hard it is to hold back our opinions, since we just don't know all the facts, why not just wait to see what evidence presents itself, or the lack thereof?
Family law practitioner M. Vanessa Favia addressing Humanitarian issues. - Reuters
Client maintains she is innocent.  A fair trial is a hallmark of  a civil and just society.  Both the United States and the Indonesian government presume a person is innocent until proven guilty. This presumption is not a privilege, but a God given right.
Loop Office:  22 W. Washington St, Chicago IL 60602
International Case:  2010 Trial Victory
Interview with CBS reporter Mike Puccinelli.
Radio Station 1240 AM at weekly Radio Show on Family Law and Criminal Law Matters on Vashe Radio.
"Regular folks, although not part of the actual jury, must acknowledge the tremendous impact that 'their' verdict makes.  It's natural, we all do it, including me!  The power that public opinion has is inspiring, let's give the accused a chance in court."
Allan Ackerman:  As an appellate advocate, he has successfully briefed and argued over 220 appeals including cases before the United States Supreme Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, and several federal and Illinois appellate courts.
A cohesive team with the same vision is vital for any case.  Clients sense it.
22 W. Washington St. 15th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602
Overlooking the Daley Plaza
THE GOLDEN RULE: Perpetration.  Before stepping into the courtroom, a lawyer can never say he is over pre-pared.  All talented lawyers can shoot from the hip, having staff there to make sure the lawyer covers every point is vital for presenting your case.
"Cross-examination" is the greatest legal invention ever created for discovery of the truth.  Although this picture was taken years back, the quote remains true.  To a well trained trial lawyer, the art of cross-eximaniation is his or her greatest asset.

About Me 

With the selection of Michael D. Elkin by the National Trial Lawyers Association to its Top 100 Trial Lawyers, (2012 through 2014) Mr. Elkin has shown that he exemplifies superior qualifications, leadership skills, and trial results as a legal professional. The selection process for this elite honor is based on a multi-phase process, which includes peer nominations combined with third party research. The National Trial Lawyers Association is a professional organization comprised of the premier trial lawyers from across the country who have demonstrated exceptional qualifications in their areas of law. 

Elkin & Associates primarily focuses on two areas of law: Criminal Defense and Family Law. 

The lawyers at Elkin & Associates spend countless hours protecting and defending their clients’ rights. Each attorney at Elkin & Associates will leave no stone unturned and defend your case with the utmost skill and effort. The founding partner, Michael D. Elkin, established the firm with a vision to be among the finest law firms in the Chicago-land area. 

At Elkin & Associates, the team is comprised of skilled, dedicated and hardworking divorce and family law professionals. As such, their goal is to educate, negotiate, mediate or litigate to the best interests of their clients. Their legal team has extensive experience in trying divorce and custody cases throughout the Chicago-land area. Their expertise and commitment to their clients have made them one of the fiercest and highly respected child custody law firms in the Chicago-land area. When a client works with a divorce lawyer from Elkin & Associates, they have the backing of the entire law firm in helping their client achieve the most favorable result in their family law issue.