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Zaid Mahmoud Abdallah

Zaid Abdallah’s Legal Guides

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  • Fire Arm Enhancements In Illinois

    Illinois Law requires that a mandatory additional term of years to be added to the following crimes. If a firearm was used 1.) Armed Robbery 2.) Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking 3.) Attempted Murder

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  • Consequence Of A DUI Conviction

    FIRST TIME CONVICTION A first time guilty conviction of a DUI will most likely be Class A misdemeanor conviction, which is the highest class misdemeanor. A fine up to $2,500.00 Imprisonment for u

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    DON'T TALK YOU MAY WALK. "ACCORDING TO THE 5TH AMENDMENT YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT": At no time are you under any obligation to speak to any law enforcement personnel or States Attorneys. Som

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