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Robert David Ahlgren

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  • Very bad experience

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Immigration client

    I set up an appointment with Ahlgren's office, and was attended by an associate, who didn't know how to solve my problem. After that, I supposedly became and was considered a client of their Firm.

    Later on, as a follow up of my case, I requested to be received by Mr. Ahlgren himself (as I had expected in my first appointment), and discuss my case with him. In the beginning, he treated me in a correct manner, but far from answering my questions (about a not so complicated immigration process), he became very negative, almost telling me that there was no possibility to get a waiver and change of status (I wasn't and I'm not an illegal alien by the way, I was then under a visa). The case looked desperate from what he said.
    I was naturally very surprised by this news and became very distress.

    Before leaving his office I wanted to recapitulate all we had talked about, to have my ideas organized, and he told me in a very rude way that he would only tell me once again, and opened the door, as inviting me to leave,and telling me where I should make the payment.

    He also told me he would keep contact and follow up my case, and call me. He never contacted me. Of course, after that experience I looked for second opinions and started the process on my own, with very positive results.

    In summary, besides his unacceptable manners, he either just wanted to make the case go on and on and make more money in the process, or had no idea about my specific case, a simple one that I did eventually make work successfully on my own.