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Berton N. Ring

Berton Ring’s client reviews

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  • Going No where Put paying for it.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I hired Mr. Ring and literally got nothing but his "Expert legal Fees" which after research is sky high. I ask for specific things which were never done but I got charged for. Also got bills that didn't match and would continue to go up even without any additional work done. I had to hire another attorney to actually get things done at 1/3 of the cost and got real results within days. More frustration and cost then anyone deserves!!!

    Berton N. Ring’s response: “since this "review" person did not leave a name or more specific information, I can not comment accurately nor completely. We take all of our cases seriously and fight hard for the client. Each case is different and I would be more than happy to review the file and provide specific information, however without the client's name and consent to do so, I am not allowed to do so. I suspect that one of my competition did this to try to bring me down. In every case, the client is required to sign a written contract with all of our fees and costs detailed out. The client is free to hire us or not. sometimes even in a contingency case, the client gets countersued. Obviously we would need to defend the client on a counterclaim.”
  • 75$!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Rachel

    I hired this lawyer after I did all the legwork myself and built the case. Once exhausting my knowledge of Illinois court system it was handed off to Mr.Rings firm. He won the case against my landlord and all I recieved was a 75$ check!!! He is definitely in this for himself and not for the client. I know that he collected more than that smh and I got kicked when I was down by a shady landlord and a shady lawyer.

    Berton N. Ring’s response: “I have checked my client roster for clients whose names are Rachel and retained my offices to sue a landlord and received $75.00. This is a false review posted by one of my opponents whom wish to discredit my reputation. The ethical rules do not allow me to discuss the specifics of any client's file unless I received consent from them. Generally, when a tenant comes to me and wishes to sue the landlord on a contingency basis with no monetary investment by them, and the landlord files a countersuit or requires the taking of depositions and costs of the court reporters must be borne by the attorney, it will affect the outcome of the tenant's overall return. Lawyers are not in a position to work for expenses only.”
  • Berton Ring won for me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Werner

    This was a jury trial and Burton won my case. He was tenacious in defending me, He has very good courtroom skills and I would definitely recommend him. He has a great associate working for him also.

  • What a GREAT Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jamie

    Mr. Ring made my lawsuit so easy and always kept me informed of everything that was going on. I only had to do in to the office 3 times, once for the consultation, once to sign the paperwork, and lastly to pick up my check. My case in all probably lasted less than 6 months. He made it so easy to for me to understand what was going on. If there was any change in the status he personally call me or email me. He is a very good listener, and really was patient with me. He answered every question of mine. I would HIGHLY recommended Mr. Ring, you would not be disappointed with him at all.