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James M. Quigley

James Quigley’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Toby

    James Quigley is the Doberman in my corner protecting my family's interest - BEST KEPT SECRET ON THE NORTH SHORE

    In the North Shore family law community of “good old boys” bereft with Porsches and Corvettes, James is a proven family lawyer and challenger who really fights only the good fight for the client’s benefit in your family’s best interests – not for fight’s sake or to run up your legal bills with triple billing like other North Shore divorce law firms do – while being a tough negotiator and litigator. I knew within 10 minutes of interviewing James that he was the Doberman I wanted in my corner protecting my family and switched to Beermann North Shore.

    James and the Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove team did a fantastic job advocating for my kids and I; applying the law; and putting on a great case at trial in my divorce. They treated me with absolute respect, humanity and dignity everyday especially as a late-deafened mom of 2 young kids and who supported my CEO type husband and our family.

    James fought hard like a pitbull and Doberman while being honest about what was worth fighting for and never overbilling me. His compassion and understanding of the pain that divorce causes children and families and made it easier for us. James and his firm are truly one of the best kept secrets on the North Shore, Lake County and Chicago. Since my ex hired 1 of the big 2 North Shore divorce firms that everyone uses up here, I initially hired the other firm who billed over-the-top high and would not let me question their bills. My husband’s firm said I faked deafness and did not need ADA accommodations in court to hear what was going on. I switched to James, Jared and the Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove team. I wish I had hired James 1st as they are truly the best. In addition to their downtown Chicago office, Beermann just opened their full-service North Shore office offering family and business law services in a discreet and convenient location at SE corner of Highway 94 and Half Day Road in Bannockburn.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lauren

    Neverending Divorce

    My brother started divorce proceedings four years ago. As this progressed, I became more involved in the actual logistics of the case and how it developed. He had four different lawyers representing him during that time, who could not help him through this process. Luckily we found Mr. Quigley's law firm. We were immediately impressed with the professionalism and empathy that he showed. He was very clear in his communication and kept us informed as to the plan of action and any changes or developments as things progressed. His team was also professional, and very personable. They worked with us to get everything done in a timely, cost efficient manner. We felt well prepared and confident that we knew everything that was going on. I cannot recommend Mr. Quigley and his team strongly enough--My brother is now divorced!!!!!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Divorce Client

    Would not recommend James Quigley

    He was highly recommended by a friend. He was very friendly in initial consult. I felt comfortable hiring him. However the problems began in the negotiations with the other attorney where there was a complete lack of attention to detail. Not being knowledgeable in legal matters I followed his advise. The case was settled as most are. Now I find that I have to hire another attorney to fix the JPA's many errors. I became obvious to me now that the JPA was an expensive but bad cut and past job. There were even things that Mr. Quigley/staff put in that benefited my ex.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawn R.

    Divorce/Child Custody

    At the time I filed my divorce, I had been employed in the legal arena for 15+ years, so I had an expectation of my how attorney would behave, communicate and interact. The first attorney I engaged was of the mindset "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" which is sometimes otherwise known as "the boys' club". As soon as this became evident to me I sought out a new attorney as I was not looking to partake in this type of behavior which I knew would not serve the best interests of my children or myself, either financially or emotionally.

    At this time I engaged Attorney Quigley, who handled the remainder of my divorce proceeding. I met Attorney Quigley initially for an hour consultation. He was timely, very professional and inquisitive about the facts of my current situation, including my minor children (then ages 6 and 4) and whether they had their own attorney. At the time they did not, and Attorney Quigley insisted that engaging an attorney for them was critical. Attorney Quigley's understanding of custody issues and his recommendation to engage an attorney for the children was instrumental in keeping the divorce proceeding moving forward.

    Throughout the entire process Attorney Quigley was proactive (not reactive), professional, timely, actively listened to my concerns, receptive to my ideas and solutions, especially with regard to parenting issues, and advised of both realistic and legal ramifications.

    Subsequent to the conclusion of my divorce, I have referred several friends and co-workers to Attorney Quigley and will continue to do so.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandon

    Great lawyer!

    Extremely lucky to have an incredibly talented lawyer in my case. Extremely knowledgeable and worked to get me the best possible outcome imaginable.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Marla

    Extremely competent

    Two miracles happened last week. George Clooney got engaged and James Quigley was able to get me divorced. James and his partner Shana Vitek did in two months what no attorney could do in three years. I have been separated for three years. My ex-husband changed legal teams three times. The final team was cut throat and out to "squash" me as my ex-husband told me. It was then that I hired James to advocate for me. He was extremely compassionate to my cause. He was able to get me an excellent settlement within two months. I highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Adam

    James was my attorney for a divorce.

    James was very responsive to emails and calls from me about my case. The advise I got from James was dead on. I would recommend him for any family law case, he knows his stuff inside and out.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Grateful for Mr. Quigley

    My divorce was the most emotionally tolling event of my life, and for my family. When I decided to file for divorce, I experienced just about every emotion in the books; from anger and sadness, to sudden waves of anxiety. I was uncomfortable not only with the forthcoming legal proceedings, but where my life would be moving forward. My friend, who is also a recent divorceé, referred me to her attorneys, Mr. James Quigley and Ms. Shana Vitek, so I decided to schedule a consultation.

    The minute I stepped foot in their office, I was greeted by the warm smile and inviting personality of their assistant, Melissa. Merely upon Mr. Quigley and Ms. Vitek's entrance to my consultation, my feelings of discomfort were put to ease. Both exuded an amazing sense of confidence and assured me that they would take care of me.

    Mr. Quigley and his team are outstanding, period. My case was very complex. My husband and I were married for 16 years. I had my teaching degree, but we decided it best for our family for me to stay home and take care of our two kids, while my husband worked. My husband owned multiple businesses and many investment properties. Mr. Quigley did an excellent job of sorting through the convolution, and his solid understanding, in turn, allowed him to sort those issues out for my understanding as well. In addition to our messy property issues, Mr. Quigley did a phenomenal job working through a parenting schedule for our boys, and really kept their best interest at the forefront. I ended up with a substantial monthly amount permanently in maintenance, a 50% portion of our property and joint custody of our children.

    Not only is Mr. Quigley's team all extremely knowledgable, each is personable, comforting and most importantly real and reasonable; even his law clerk, Jordan Rosenberg. They also do a nice job of keeping their fees and costs low and reasonable.

    Although I realize that divorce is a loss for everyone, I truly believe that Mr. Quigley and his team negotiated and crafted an MSA and JPA that I felt comfortable with to move forward with my life and leave my divorce behind. Do not delay in calling Mr. Quigley, I am forever grateful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherita

    Sherita Jackson review of James M. Quigley

    I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Quigley to anyone in need of a divorce attorney. Mr. Quigley was professional, knowledgeable throughout a very difficult divorce. Mr. Quigley was sensitive to my case as it related to my children and their well being emotionally and financially throughout the process. I found Mr. Quigley to be reasonable and also aggressive towards hostile parties involved in the divorce never wavering from requiring everyone to do what was right and fair. I would also add I never found the fees Mr. Quigley charged were questionable or unfair.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by michael

    Would Not Recommend

    Said lots of great things about winning my case but it was all just blowing smoke. Once hired he dropped the ball and I ended up with a hastily thrown together agreement(which was cut and pasted from some other mothers file, and had many benefits for a mother in it). I am still trying to rectify this a year later costing thousands ($16k so far) to fix. Also soaked me for many needless fees. Don't hire!

    James M. Quigley’s response: “Unfortunately, this review is clearly not from an identifiable client and therefore I cannot respond to a fictitious review, which may have been written by a client's unhappy ex-spouse or professional competitor. I invite anyone reading any of these reviews, including all of the positive reviews, to speak with me directly regarding my handling of family law cases, attorneys fees or any other question regarding a possible case. I can be reached at 312-621-9700.”