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Professional, attentive, effective, and kind

Posted by: Gena, a Divorce client over 1 year ago.

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I hired Burton more than 3 years ago.

Burton handled my Divorce / Separation matter.

Burt was my attorney, my advocate, my guide, and on some days my therapist during the arduous 18 months of my divorce. The process was highly contentious and delicate, as it hinged on a parenting agreement for a toddler. Through the entire ordeal, Burt was patient, supportive, and informative. He answered every email and every panicked phone call. He explained the law, the consequences of the law, as well as the real world implications. Although I was not a "big" client, I always felt like I was Burt's top priority. He fought for every extra hour on the parenting agreement and every extra dollar on the child support. Nothing was too minuscule if I deemed it important. In addition to the personal attention, I was grateful for Burt's cognizance of my finances and the mounting legal fees; he made sure we didn't "spend $10,000 to get $5,000." The resolution was almost exactly what I asked, a feat I am not sure could have been accomplished by anyone else. Divorce is a miserable, gut-wrenching, torturous process. I couldn't have survived it without him.