Main complaints: Completely unprepared! Arrogant beyond belief! Over billing/hour padding was a constant hassle although I didn’t catch it until a few months in. He even billed me for continuances due to his schedule issues or his being unprepared. You must watch him carefully! He runs off his ego not skill, or hard work. We were supposed to set up depositions, and he blew them off. His excuse was oh, I forgot, but we won’t need them anyway. When before the judge it was as if he knew very little about the case. He might have been talented once, but that apparently has long past. Definitely not an attorney worth employing! Truly one of the most morally bankrupt attorneys I have ever come across. He is what gives attorneys a bad rap! Again, if you have a case that likely will go to hearing, run from this attorney. He will make your life an even worse nightmare! You’ll pay a lot for him and then more for another attorney to fix the mess he’ll leave you in.