I have know and used Roman's services for nearly three years now. Since the start of my business, Roman has been a partner in my success. What I value most is Roman's sound advice and perspective on my situations. Roman handled the incorporation of my company, and gave me several options on how involved I wanted him to be and what aspects I could do myself. During the year, I encounter situations which I like to have a second opinion on. This is where Roman has proven to stand out among the rest. Roman looks at my situation and provides me options and perspectives on what actions we could take along with the results, good or bad, that could come from those actions. On two different occasions, Roman has saved me both considerable time and money. The first occasion, a contractor who was suppose to complete work for me continued to not show up and then refused to return my deposit. Due to the amount, Roman advised to me take some steps myself and advised me what to do as it would almost cost more to attempt to collect it from the contractor than what he owed me. His advice allowed me to get my deposit back. A second situation, a fellow business owner made some damaging and slanderous comments regarding my business. I, of course, wanted to immediately file a suit, but after listening to Roman's point of view and his advice, a simple letter completely changed their actions. Within a few days I had a letter of apology stating that his comments was false. Roman is a tremendous lawyer, and even better person who looks out for my interest.