Possession of Child Pornography

Raymond George Wigell

Case Conclusion Date:August 28, 2013

Practice Area:Criminal Defense


Description:Man charged in what the media characterized as one of the largest Child Pornography cases to date. Reports that as much as 3 terabytes of suspect contraband media was found at our client's residence pursuant to a search warrant. Several computers, cell phones, thumb drives, DVDs, and other electronic devices were seized. The search warrant was executed by a multi-jurisdictional task force. Our client was initially sentenced to 4 years in prison and placed in custody. My law firm's defense team of lawyers, paralegals and forensic experts prepared, filed and argued a Motion to Reconsider the Sentence. After several months the court allowed the Motion to Reconsider, set a release from jail date of 09/09/2013 and placed our client on Intensive Probation. Never, Never, Never Give Up.

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