Grooming and Indecent Solicitation of a Minor

Raymond George Wigell

Case Conclusion Date:January 6, 2014

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:No Prison Sentence, 29 days in county jail and 30 months probation. I was interviewed by the local newspaper about this case. It was a featured news story by Investigative reporter Phil Rogers from NBC WMAQ, Chicago.

Description:A 37 year old male charged with Felony Grooming(Class 4 subject to 1-3 years in Prison) and an Indecent Solicitation of a Minor(Class 3 subject to 2-5 years in Prison). Basis of allegations is recovered text messages on the "victim's" cellphone. Defend is found guilty of both charges after jury trial. We present a detailed and extensive mitigation presentation to the judge at the Sentencing hearing. Resulting in 29 days in county jail, NO prison sentence and 30 months probation.

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